Everything You Should Ask At Your First Postnatal doctor visit

Everything You Should Ask At Your First Postnatal doctor visit

Wondering when you should be going for your postnatal check up or what will be happening during the visit?

Postnatal check up doctor visit

Visit your doctor for a postnatal check up

If you had a vaginal delivery, you should go for a postnatal doctor visit check up about six weeks after giving birth. If you had a complicated delivery or a c-section, you will be given an appointment a week after delivery.

At your postnatal checkup, your doctor will check the following things:

1) You are well and have no problems with fever, urination, defecation or vaginal discharge

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2) If you are breastfeeding, that you have no engorgement or infections

3) You are healing well from your C-Section wound

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4) Your blood pressure and oral glucose tolerance (if you gestational diabetes melitus during pregnancy)

He will also conduct a cervical papsmear test and discuss the various forms of contraception.

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Sandra Ong

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