You know you’re a DAD when:

You know you’re a DAD when:

10 sure signs that you ARE a DAD.

1) Sleeping IN, means sleeping in the middle of three bodies.

you are a dad

2) Action figures and former food items find their way into your shoes, pockets and pillows.

toy in pocket
3) You start humming to Barney, Elmo, Dora or Mickey Mouse tunes.

4) You replace your racy, swanky car for a practical SUV that fits in at least 2 car seats.

101 baby car seat 
5) You attend more play dates and kiddie birthday parties than “drink” sessions with your buddies.Are you a good father? 6) You understand goobly gobley words and use them regularly in your everyday conversation.

father-daughter relationship
7) You clap when someone goes potty.

8) You look through family pictures and realize there aren’t many of you because you are always behind the camera yourself.

Photography for kids
9) When your child pukes... & you CATCH it!

you are a dad

10) When you tell jokes, and you realize they are the goofy ones your kids made up.

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