Wrap them up in Pure love

Wrap them up in Pure love

Everyone loves the feel of a baby’s skin. But do you know that the soft and smooth skin that you love is also very delicate, requiring more care to prevent the occurrence of skin allergies? Take the extra step to protect your precious ones by adding a touch of softness and love to their clothes with Comfort Ultra Pure, keeping them happy, and you – worry free.

Wrap them up in Pure love

Children, especially new-borns, tend to have sensitive skin that is more prone to skin irritation. While some skin conditions will go away without any special care, some, like eczema, are chronic skin disorders that usually require the use of products that are designed for sensitive skin.

Wrap them up in Pure loveHow to choose the right type of clothing

A baby’s clothing protects him from the elements, and is also always in contact with his skin. As an expression of love and good taste, you always take the trouble to choose the cutest piece on the rack. But is that piece of clothing the right one for your little bundle of joy?

One of the most important considerations for choosing clothes for your child is safety. Look out for clothes that are made from hypoallergenic materials as you do not want your child to develop breathing problems or rashes after wearing something made of synthetic materials. Always choose baby clothing that does not have buttons or strings at the front that can choke the baby.

Bear in mind that although lightweight fabrics are best not all fabrics are the same. A fabric should  allow skin to “breathe” so that body moisture can easily  evaporate. In Singapore's hot and humid weather cotton and cotton blends are often the best choices of fabric. Cotton also washes well and is durable, which is necessary for active babies. Germ-kill and stain removal is also much easier on cotton items as they can be washed at higher temperatures.

Treat your clothes with Pure softness, touch and fragrance

Insignificant as it may seem, laundering your baby’s clothes is an important step in ensuring that you keep allergies and other skin irritations at bay. Buying the right laundry product no longer means simply putting the cheapest brand in the shopping cart. Whether you’re washing for your precious little one or anyone else with sensitive skin, it is recommended that you avoid laundry products that can leave harsh chemicals and perfume residues on your washed clothing.

Since your baby’s skin is more sensitive, you will need to use a more subtle and delicate laundry product to treat his clothes. Choose a fabric conditioner for sensitive skin such as Comfort Ultra Pure,  after washing, as softened fabrics are kinder to the skin.

Wrap them up in Pure love

Wrap them up in Pure love

When clothes are washed, the fibres can start to tangle, Comfort Ultra Pure’s special formulation helps prevent cloth fibres from becoming matted and scratchy; keeping them smoother for that pure softness everyone loves.

Not only so, Comfort Ultra Pure’s mild fragrance is also specially designed to be kind to sensitive skin. Its light scent is gentle on your nose yet delivers a long-lasting freshness.


Dermatologically tested , with skincare research recognised by the British Skincare Foundation, Comfort Ultra Pure is the best choice for babies’ soft skin. It is so Pure, every child deserves to have it.



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Here's a laundry tip:

Add 1/2 a cap of Comfort Ultra Pure to the rinse cycle when washing baby clothes that have been soaked in milk or urine: this will not only make them smell beautifully fresh, it will cut down on static, too!




Comfort Ultra Pure comes in 2 pack sizes of 800ml and 1.8L, and is available at all major supermarkets with a recommended retail price of $3.90 and $8.75 respectively. For more information and to receive a FREE sample, please visit :


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Felicia Chin

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