4 Surprisingly dangerous toys for kids

4 Surprisingly dangerous toys for kids

Some are potentially harmful, others don't justify their cost!

Mums, have you started planning your Christmas shopping lists yet? One thing for sure is you don’t want to see any injuries when your little ones are playing with their gifts on Christmas morning so be sure to avoid buying any of these worst toys for kids!

World Against Toys Causing Harm, or WATCH, an American child safety advocacy group has released their annual list of toys that they believe could seriously injure a child as well as a few other popular toys out this year that belong on this list!

Worst Toys for Kids

1. Wonder Woman Battle Sword

worst toys for kids

Screencap from WATCH

Mums, we bet your little superheroes are already asking for this one! With two films out this year, anything Wonder Woman-branded is a hot ticket but WATCH thinks this sword is too dangerous for your little ones.

Although the toy comes with the warning, “small parts may be generated”, they fail to warn about the danger of encouraging kids to fight each other. They say the risk is that “the rigid plastic sword blade has the potential to cause facial or other impact injuries”.

2. Furby Connect

worst toys for kids

Screencap from YouTube

Another consumer rights group, Which? in the UK, is warning parents against buying the Furby Connect or other toys which connect to the internet due to the devices’ security and privacy risks.

Working together with security experts, Which? Found that thousands of voice recordings from the Furby Connect were stored on an unencrypted server.

Worse still, with the Furby Connect and other toys including the I-Que Intelligent Robot; Toy-fi Teddy; and CloudPets cuddly toy, Which? has found that it is very easy for someone to pair their own Bluetooth device to the toy and talk to your child through it.

3. The Official Spider-Man Homecoming Movie Edition Spider-Drone

worst toys for kids

Screencap from Amazon

Another toy that your little superheroes will be begging for, the Official Spider-Man Spider-Drone, it’s easy to see why this is one of this year’s most popular toys!

The drone is designed to mimic the one from the film and there is even a voice feedback controller with phrases for the movie.

But with rotating blades that move at a high speed, this toy poses a serious risk to your little one’s fingers, eyes and other body parts. Although the toy is listed for kids aged 12+, we think this toy requires adult supervision at all times.

4. Nerf Zombie Strike Deadbolt Crossbow

worst toys for kids

Screencap from WATCH

Mums, do your little ones love running around the house with their Nerf guns? Turns out these toys can be pretty dangerous! On the box itself, it warns “Do not aim or shoot at eyes or face of people or animals” because the nerf darts can cause eye and facial injuries.

We know our little ones are not too careful about where they are pointing their guns when they are in the midst of an epic battle.

Mums, are your little ones hoping to find any of these toys under the tree this Christmas? Will you still buy them, or look for something safer that isn’t on the worst toys for kids list?

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