Can mums have it all? – An interview with Yvonne McGill

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We asked working mums in Singapore to tell us how they manage to strike a balance between work and family life. Read on as Yvonne McGill, Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer of Dell, shares her insights with us.

Yvonne McGill hails from Texas, USA and has been living in Singapore for more than a year now. She lives with her husband Mike and 6-year-old son Jake, who is currently attending the Singapore American School. They also have two older kids, Megan, 21, and Caitlin, 18, who are pursuing work and studies in their home state.

work life balance in singapore

Yvonne McGill shares her views on work life balance in Singapore.

Like most working mums, Yvonne finds herself juggling various roles each day. Apart from taking care of the needs of her family and staying in touch with her older children, she also oversees the Commercial Business division at Dell as Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer.

So what does she do to balance her time between work and family life? Find out what she has to say in our interview with her below:

Q: Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo, once said that it’s impossible for working mums to have it alli.e. a successful career and time spent with the family. Do you agree with this statement?

“What I found from working with my team members at Dell over the years is that it is important that they share with me what their priorities are, so that I can help them facilitate.

work life balance in singapore

Yvonne discusses the issue of work life balance in Singapore at the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network lunch event recently.

“I like to look at it as work life effectiveness, because I feel like I’m always reprioritising all the time. So for example, if there’s an emergency at work, you might have to not do something that you have planned with the family – and the opposite should apply also.

“My priorities are always my faith, my family and my friends. But I may have tasks to do during the day that may not have reflected on those priorities. So that’s where I re-shift and reprioritise. And I found Dell to be very open in allowing that – it’s okay to recognise that people have life outside of work too.”

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