Woman has no recollection of her childbirth!

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Young mother can sleep for weeks on end, missing out on holidays, special occasions, and even the birth of her own son! Yes, it's true. Read on to discover why.

Giving birth to your child, especially if he/she is the first-born, is one of the most precious moments of a mother’s life.

But for Jody Robson, 24, she has no memory of it.

Jody claims to have a rare condition called the Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) — also known as the Sleeping Beauty syndrome — where sufferers fall asleep for days or weeks. It is then followed by an equally lengthy recovery time, during which the person wakes up into a trance-like state. Each cycle is referred to as an episode.

It is because of this that Jody does not remember the arrival of her first child, Harley, who is now six years old. She was in the “recovery period” through the whole natural delivery and then fell back asleep. She snapped out of the trance two weeks later to realise that her baby belly had gone.

According to Professor Matthew Walker of the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, “Very often what people say is that it’s almost like being in a dream. They just have images that they can remember.

“And the recollection that she (Jody) may have may just be like snippets of a sort of dream-like state.”

Describing her recovery period, Jody says that she couldn’t even remember who she is, let alone anyone else. In her words, “everything was dreamy”.

“When people are talking nothing is going into my brain, so I just look at them weirdly,” she shared.


Read on to find out more about how Jody and her family cope with her condition.

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