Woman gives miraculous birth aboard a migrant refugee boat

Woman gives miraculous birth aboard a migrant refugee boat

This brave Libyan mother gave birth to her son while aboard a migrant rescue vessel! Read her amazing story here!

When you were planning for your delivery date you probably had an ideal place in mind for your child to be born. Of the many options you pondered were your home, a long list of hospitals, and maybe even a couple of worst case scenario locations. For one mother, her child’s birth place is best described by the latter!

Faith, a brave Libyan mother, gave a miraculous birth to her son while aboard a Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) refugee and migrant rescue vessel operating in the Mediterranean on Monday morning.

MSF sea tweeted about the highly unusual birth:

“Faith was already having contractions when she left Libya and was terrified she’d give birth on the rubber boat,” they wrote in the caption of the Tweet.

On board the charity’s ship at the time was midwife Jonquil Nicholl. In an interview with CNN, Nicholl said that Faith’s high seas labor was “very normal birth in dangerously abnormal conditions.”

migrant refugee boat

(Source: MSF)

CNN reports that the newborn baby was born after roughly 2,300 migrants  were rescued in 18 sea missions on Sunday, according to the Italian Coast Guard.

Vessels belonging to the Irish navy, MSF and Save the Children all took part in the operation coordinated by the Coast Guard in Rome.

The aptly named mother, Faith, must be beyond grateful that despite the circumstances, she was able to birth a happy, healthy child. We wish her and her children nothing but the best and a safe and happy life moving forward.

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