Husband Films Wife Giving Birth Live On Social Media

Husband Films Wife Giving Birth Live On Social Media

Watch Eiki and his wife's beautiful delivery experience here! Full video below

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki, a man from Carmichael, California, recently posted a live feed video of  his wife giving birth on Facebook. Since posting the video, it has gone absolutely viral!

In just one hour, the one of a kind video had already received over 2,000 views and has only racked up more since then. Understandably so. Childbirth is one of the most unique and beautiful things in the world, and it's rare that someone is willing to share their experience with a large audience. Especially across the vast sea of strangers on social media.

While one would expect the feedback from commenters and viewers of the video to be negative for its content, quite the opposite is true. Seemingly, the video as received rather well. In fact, most of the feedback isn't just positive, it's encouraging.  Various celebratory, congratulatory posts were sent to the family as well as wishes and prayers of good health.

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki was very appreciative of the feedback and support from netizens. He thanked the viewers personally in a post: "Thank you enjoying the gift of life with me."

This dad was clearly very excited for the birth of his beautiful baby, and was also excited to share he and his wife's unique experience with the world. And while not everyone would feel comfortable broadcasting a video of a live birth for the world to see, this family seemed to have no problem doing so.

Thankfully, there are those who can admire what this family did by sharing the miracle of childbirth. Obviously, the reactions were unexpected, but those who have gone through childbirth can appreciate what this family has done by sharing through social media. There's no doubt that a video like this will inspire couples to be more open with their experience, and will help expecting mothers and fathers to gain a bit of insight on what to expect on their day of delivery.

Watch the full video here, and see for yourself this family's unique experience and one of a kind post:


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