Survival guide for parents without a full-time helper in Singapore

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Not having a full-time helper in Singapore can be a challenge for parents. Here's your survival guide from a mum who's been there.

This is a true account of a working mom who had to manage everything on the home front without a full-time helper in Singapore for some weeks.

This post containing lessons learnt should be useful to all those who are planning to employ a full-time helper or planning to live without helper.

I have always had a full time helper and consider that it is a boon to moms, especially working moms. I am too dependent on them and almost feel crippled in their absence. It is a shameful fact.

So what happens when the helper had to be repatriated to her hometown due to an unfortunate emergency? How did a family with two kids face this “crisis”?

1. Get out of your comfort zone and get going even without a full-time helper in Singapore.

For the first two days after my helper left, I was like a newbie in my own home! I was in a confused state of mind and my lazy body was not ready to move at all. So first tip is to shed all the slack and start working! Once we are out of the comfort zone set by the daily routine with the helper, it is easier to adapt to the new scenario.

2. Take stock of the situation in a balanced way.

Okay, so the helper is not there, then what next? Are we going to get a new one? Are we going to become a SAHM? Are we planning to send kids to child care / student care / nanny?

Discuss with the partner about realignment of finances, who will share what work and so on.

3. Plan meticulously.

A good plan ensures great success. So to survive without a full-time helper, we will have to put a very detailed plan in place. Create a to-do list for all the day-to-day tasks and assign the duties and responsibilities. For example:

helper in Singapore

Once this is set, believe me, things will become quite smooth.

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