Win FREE a swimming lesson with Little Splashes Swim School worth $45 for 10 lucky babies!

Win FREE a swimming lesson with Little Splashes Swim School worth $45 for 10 lucky babies!

Little Splashes Swim School is passionate about creating water safety awareness in Singapore. The school aims to introduce water safety, water confidence and water familiarization to people of all ages in the most fun and exciting way possible, and this includes infants and toddlers.

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Little Splashes, specializes in the “Infant and Toddler Swim” programme which specially caters to babies as young as 6 months to 36 months old. In this programme, every baby is required to be accompanied by either a parent or guardian during the swim lesson. This is a wonderful parent-child bonding experience and it would allow parents to foster stronger ties with their babies. In fact, studies have shown that baby swim lessons help them to become more self-confident and intelligent. Through baby swimming, these babies will improve their cognitive functioning and brain development. Lessons are conducted in small ratio (1:5) to allow better supervision and guidance to parent or guardian. They also offer the “Children Learn to Swim” programmes which is suitable for children aged 36 months old and above. Children will also learn about water safety, water familiarisation, water confidence and swim strokes. In addition, they will also build confidence, self -esteem, social and motor skills. Lessons are conducted in small ratio (1:5) to allow better supervision and cater to every child’s learning style and ability.

Little Splashes is Singapore’s first indoor heated mineral water swimming pool. The temperature is maintained at an ideal temperature of 30 to 32 degree Celsius. This is the perfect temperature for babies and young children. In addition, we employ a non-chlorine purification method which gives us ultra clean and bacteria-free mineral water. This will also prevent all the associated allergies to chlorine water that is present in many swimming pools. You can be sure that you and your children will definitely have a whale of a time at Little Splashes Singapore Swim School!

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