7 sets of Heynature products for mums and babies up for grabs!!! (worth RRP: $108.60 each)

7 sets of Heynature products for mums and babies up for grabs!!! (worth RRP: $108.60 each)

You can be the lucky winner of one of 14 amazing gift packs by Korean beauty and skin care line, Heynature. Keep reading to know how to win these fabulous prizes! 

To many mums, skin aging and uneven skin-tone is a major concern. Although the market is flooded with a wide range of products, many women tend to prefer products that use natural ingredients.

About Heynature

Heynature has more than 150 products in their repertoire of products. They combine the use of natural oriental ingredients 100% grown in Korea, together with an advanced dermatological formula to provide comfort and nourishment to even the most sensitive skin types.

The acronyms ‘Hey’ symbolizes the brand’s philosophy to provide all-natural products void of artificial pigments fragrances to maintain Healthy, Energized and Youthful skin with the use of natural ingredients such as herbs, leaves, fruit and root extracts of plants native to Asia.


Best-selling Heynature Green Tea lotion

Green Tea Series for mums

The Green Tea range includes Green Tea Toner, Green Tea Cream, Green Tea Lotion and Green Tea Soap. This best-selling series is packed with nourishing goodness of up to 32 natural ingredients from bark, fruit and root extracts as well as Jojoba, Grape, Olive, Sunflower seed and Lavender oil.


The super-nourishing Green Tea toner.

This provides skin firming effects and improves blood circulation, allowing the skin to better retain moisture, keeping it dewy smooth, cool and supple. The anti-aging properties of the Angelica Gigas Root Extract also help to stimulate cellular regeneration and the use of green tea for this range further enhances these effects.

Chrysanthemum Series for babies

The Chrysanthemum Creamy Body Wash is suitable for both adults and children with sensitive and itching skin. It can thoroughly cleanse impurities while remaining gentle on skin as it is made from all natural ingredients of flower, fruit, root extracts and fruit oils.


Keep baby’s skin silky-smooth with the Chrysanthemum series.

Chrysanthemum extract has detoxifying effects, Scutellaria root extract soothes the skin, Moutan root extracts help prevent allergies, Licorice root extract moisturizes while Green tea extracts improves skin texture. After using the Chrysanthemum Creamy Body Wash, massage some Chrysanthemum Creamy Body Lotion evenly on the body which can protect, nourish and calm itchy skin, keeping the skin intensively

moisturized and supple – leaving both mum and baby smelling good, feeling comfortable and staying happy all day!

7 exclusive gifts up for grabs!

7 lucky winners get the chance of winning assorted gift sets that will include Green Tea Series of Lotion & Toner for mums and Chrysanthemum Body Wash & Lotion for babies — each gift pack is worth RRP: $108.60!

Closing date for entry: 13th April 2015.

To win these fabulous beauty products all you have to do is fill up your details in the box below!


Thank you & good luck!

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Written by

Minoli Almeida

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