Willy Foo On How To Capture Life, One DSLR Shot At A Time

Willy Foo On How To Capture Life, One DSLR Shot At A Time

Amid the growing interests in photography, many enthusiasts here in Singapore are actually taking the plunge by giving up their stable and cushy jobs to make a career out of their passion. We speak to Willy Foo, one such photographer...

Willy Foo Live! Studios

Willy Foo and his passion for photography

Willy Foo

Singapore has recently caught on the passion for digital photography and it has spread like wildfire. One can easily spot a photography enthusiast on the streets trying to capture a meaningful shot with a DSLR( Digital Single-Lens Reflex).

Amid the growing interests in photography here, many enthusiasts are actually taking the plunge by giving up their stable and cushy jobs to make a career out of their passion. However, as we can imagine, not many will be able to weather out and come through shining in this highly competitive field. It became a matter of fact that professional photographers need to be not only highly skilled and knowledgeable about their craft but also to have a sharp sense of business acumen in order to stay strong in the competition.

TheAsianParent is happy to be interviewing Willy Foo, one such photographer who is able to keep on the business edge while maintaining a high standard of photography. As Willy gained in reputation through winning photography competitions, he eventually set up his own company, Live!Studios. As a photography company its strength lies in its highly interactive and entertaining value as it is the pioneer of instant projection and printing of the photographs through wifi – technology. For his entrepreneurship, he has snagged Spirit of the Enterprise Award and Martell Rising Personality Award, both in 2008.

Started in 2003, Live!Studios has since taken off and is growing steadily in its coverage of corporate events and weddings. To expand his vision, Willy has recently set up Moving Stills, a sister company of Live!Studios. The following is an Q & A session with him.

TheAsianParent (TAP) : Hi Willy, many of us are already familiar with Live!Studios, so could you elaborate more about your new brainchild Moving Stills?

Willy Foo (W.F) : Sure of course, Moving Stills is basically a mobile studio-setup which targets the family-oriented audience. In-line with our company mission, which is to entertain and provide a memorable impression to our customers, Moving Stills seeks to do just that by bringing professional lighting equipment into the home environment. In this way our customers will be able to feel more at ease and have the freedom to be themselves as our photographers shoot their portraitures.

TAP : What is the most important thing about being a professional photographer as such yourself?

W.F: I think the important thing to bear in mind is maintaining the initial passion one have for photography, while knowing how to provide excellent service to your clients. When your clients are being photographed, it is essential to know what they want and how best to deliver it in a professional way while making their experience a pleasant one.

TAP: Do you have any comments about the high level of interest in photography here nowadays?

W.F: It is true that it is an growing interest, however I understand that there are still many photography enthusiasts out there who are doing their shoots alone. I strongly encourage a more interactive environment where photographers can share and discuss their common interest.

For that, I’ve set up “Singapore Photographers’ Society” on Facebook. It is a platform for anyone keen in photography to learn, share, discuss and to meet and shoot together. There are monthly meetings and themed photo competitions. There are currently about 2000 members and it is still growing in number. That to me signifies that there are many photographers out there seeking avenues to share their passion with like-minded people.

TAP : Last but not least, do you have any advice for photography enthusiasts who want to quit their day job to pursue it full-time like yourself?

W.F: Even though I must say that it is a risk and a huge challenge, I do encourage people to follow their calling and believe in themselves. The most important thing is not to be easily discouraged and have a great deal of planning and strategizing before you take the plunge.

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