Will you give your baby an unusual spelling name?

Will you give your baby an unusual spelling name?

From Gorje instead of George to Sosana instead of Susanna, there seems to be a new trend where common names are spelt differently for a twist! What do you think of these unusual spelling names?

Unusual baby name spelling Unusual name spelling for your baby -- Yay or nay?

A research done by an Australian organisation, McCrindle Research, has found that more parents today are deciding to design instead of choose their child’s names. Increasingly popular and common, the quirky spellings of traditionally typical names have been on the rise with many parents wanting to give their child a name that stands out.

Remember the last time you asked someone to repeat the spelling of their name because Jessica was actually Jessyka? With all the confusion and misspellings, will altering the phonetics of a name really do your precious any good?

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Creative camp

Common names are deemed passe but parents who still like the sound of traditional names now have the option of changing their spelling. Preserving the aesthetically-pleasing sound of a name while adding a twist to its spelling may just be what adventurous parents are looking for when christening their baby.

Parents who don’t want their little Daniel or Elizabeth to be one of the dozens of Daniels and Elizabeths in school can now opt for something that stands out while still sounding normal. After all, it isn’t everyday that you come across a Danyal or Alyzabeth.

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Unusual name spelling Different variations of unusual name spellings for your baby

Named for life

While mummy and daddy may find that common names are too boring and want to express their creativity in a unique way of spelling their child’s name, it’s also important to remember that your kid will be living with that “creative expression” for the rest of his or her life.

Using their names in daily address, school, work and even on the Internet, an unusual moniker might hinder a child who constantly has to go through clarifications on the spelling of his or her name. Additionally, with a typical sounding name like James, typos are easily made when others don’t realise that it is actually spelled as Jayms.

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For Hollywood mums' variation of unusual names, check out the video below:

It’s not that bad

Locally, however, it may seem that the hullabaloo around unusual name spellings is over the top. With Chinese names like Hui Min or Zhi Qiang extremely common on our island, it’s almost always in Singapore that you encounter a name you can’t spell at first try.

While critics may slam unusual name spellings for being bothersome and hassling, the decision to name your child still lies with you alone. Whether it is difficult to spell or not, parents should choose a name that bears the most significance and meaning to them, keeping in mind that this name will stick by your little bundle of joy for the rest of his life.

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