Family Fun: Wild Rumpus makes its way to the Artground! (24 Jan - 5 May 2019)

Family Fun: Wild Rumpus makes its way to the Artground! (24 Jan - 5 May 2019)

You're about to unlock an imaginary world of creatures big, small, furry or gentle... 

What do you instantly think of when we mention monsters? Some of you might conjure up images of vicious-looking characters; while others, cute monsters like Mike from Monster’s Inc. But are our idea of monsters limited to what we see on the TV or are fed to us?

Our minds are such wonderful things — they are full of imagination! And when we allow ourselves to do so, the possibilities are endless. It’s really important for us to let our children’s imaginations run wild, especially during their formative years. One way to do that is to give them the right space to do so – like at Wild Rumpus, The Artground.

Family Fun: Wild Rumpus makes its way to the Artground! (24 Jan - 5 May 2019)

Interactive Installation: Wild Rumpus @ The Artground (24 Jan – 5 May 2019)

Let your imagination take flight here at The Artground with Wild Rumpus — a monster-themed art space that provides a unique space for children to explore the arts through touch and play.

Created by local artist Adeline Loo, it is the fifth interactive installation that The Artground has released.

And like its title suggests, there’s definitely nothing short of wild in here!

wild rumpus

Located at Goodman Arts Centre, The Artground is all about creating a space for children to explore. It also encourages curiosity and discovery through play and embodied learning.

There are loads to be unravelled in this imaginary world. Colourful and full of textures, these creatures are as real as you imagine them to be! Touch them, climb over them, hide in them, it’s all up to you. 

wild rumpus

Wild Rumpus @ The Artground. The Artground is a not-for-profit arts centre for children aged 12 and under to play, explore and imagine.

Your children will get to make friends with whoever is hiding behind the corner. This way, it encourages the young ones to venture out and feel what it is like to hug, cuddle and squeeze into something out of the ordinary. And don’t worry, these “monsters” are the friendly type!

The founder of It Takes Balls was invited by The Artground to work on the installation, while also supporting her endeavour in fibre arts.

wild rumpus

The Artground works with artists like Adeline to create engaging programmes for families.

“A tangible experience for children”

And what’s really interesting about it all is that each piece is specially handcrafted. Tactile materials are incorporated into each structure; whether it’s through crocheting, knitting or macramé stitches, they are designed to create a tangible experience for children.

wild rumpus

Use your senses to feel, discover and just simply… imagine how the characters can come alive!

wild rumpus

At Wild Rumpus, you’d be surprised that these creatures not only vary in size, texture and colours but also in temperament.

The Artground team, together with Adeline, went through months of discussion and tests to finding out the best materials and methods for the installations to adapt to the liking and suitability of the children.

In the creator’s own words…

“Wild Rumpus was inspired from my love of the sci-fi genre and my practice. I feel that the best way for children, and even adults to explore the space is by feeling each and every stitch and knit, all of which was crafted to evoke an emotion,” said Adeline who left her job as a paralegal to purse her interests in fibre arts.

For the past three years, since its opening in July 2017, The Artground has welcomed more than 75,000 families and young children.

Even Mr Kenneth Kwok, the Assistant Chief Executive from the National Arts Council (NAC) graced the event.

He says that when the National Arts Council first conceptualised the idea of The Artground, the idea was to “always to create a play space for children”.

wild rumpus

“The whole ideas of monsters is something that I’ve always loved,” says Mr Kenneth Kwok, Assistant Chief Executive from the National Arts Council who graced the event.

But not just for children, he says. He believes that it is “for artists to play in as well”. They could range from artists, musicians, storytellers, dancers to visual artists and actors. 

No doubt, there is so much energy and “creative excitement” here as The Artground provides “a safe space for experimentation and incubation” for artists who has come to better their own art practices and even break new grounds, just like Adeline.

Mr Kwok also thinks that a world or a space with monsters everywhere is needed. With that, he believes that children can wipe away their fears and just have fun with monsters.

“And they grow up to be brave, bold boys and girls who are going to go out there and make the world a better place.”

For mummies and daddies who are intending to experience this with your child, Mr Kwok says that the “sense of touch is going to be amazing”. 

Well, we can agree that he meant that both literally — or not. Either way, it would be a great bonding opportunity at The Artground for you and your children.

Even if you’re not a parent or a young child, the premises is still available to all to explore. Besides, the installations are free for everyone, so why not?

wild rumpus

Perfect for the inquisitive little ones!

wild rumpus

Luanne Poh, the Chief Worm at The Artground: “Each monster has a little story to share, and we hope that parents will read these stories to their children, and teach them to be gentle to all the creatures by learning more about each of them.”

Venues within the Artground

There are different venues within The Artground that caters to children of different ages as well such as the Baby Stage, Ground Floor, WhiteBox and The Good Garden.

Besides the free play area, there are also weekend drop-in programmes to ticketed interactive performances you can look forward to at the WhiteBox.

Their 30-minute drop-in programmes range from dance, music, storytelling to arts & crafts and gardening. 

The Artground, A Curious Place To Be 

(Managed and nurtured by The Ground Co Limited, a registered arts charity)

Admission Charges: 

  • Free (for play space) at Baby Stage and Ground Floor;
  • Weekend Drop-in programmes available at WhiteBox, $10 per parent-child (first come first served basis) 

*Please purchase your tickets on-site

  • Ticketed interactive performances (prices vary and pre-booking is available).

*Weekend schedule changes weekly, so please check their website to see what’s happening. 

Address: 90 Goodman Road, Block J #01-40, Singapore 439053

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 6925 0621

Opening Hours: 

Wednesdays to Thursdays: 9.30am – 5pm

Fridays to Sundays & Public Holidays: 9.30am – 6pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

All images are credited to The Artground.

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Written by

Jia Ling

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