Why your child’s preschool teacher matters

Why your child’s preschool teacher matters

With his first step into a preschool, your little one is embarking on a whole new journey. At this point, his preschool teacher needs to be his confidant, caretaker, mentor and friend all rolled into one.


Your child’s preschool teacher is an important partner in your parenting journey.

Your little one is growing up and is almost ready to go to preschool. You are understandably a tad anxious.

At this point, your kid’s preschool teacher becomes the most important partner of your parenting journey. The little one’s first experience with his new teacher can literally make or break his interest in education and lifelong learning.

The qualities that you should look for in your child’s preschool teacher include:

  • She makes the children feel welcome at school and helps nurture their self confidence; helps them overcome separation anxiety.
  • She takes the time to talk to the children; she listens to their many questions and answers them patiently.
  • She can guide small groups of children to help maximize the learning experience. She should be able to get the shy ones to to talk and the talkative ones to listen.
  • She is able to innovatively apply existing curriculum to help develop your child’s early language and literacy skills.
  • She keeps you informed about your child’s progress and brings to your attention any special concerns or achievements regarding him.
  • She is responsive to your concerns.

My First Skool, an anchor operator with over 120 pre-schools nationwide, understands this and prides itself in having a team of high quality teachers who inspire, who care and who are extremely passionate about what they do. Their award winning teachers provide your children with very high quality personal care and innovative learning experiences.

The teachers at My First Skool undergo structured termly training. There is also a mentorship program within each centre where the deputy centre leads guide the trainee or new teachers.


Children learn mathematical concepts through games at My First Skool

You can count on me

My First Skool at Blk 676 Hougang Avenue 8 won the ECDA Early Childhood Innovation Award 2014 Commendation for its project: You can count on me.

The project is designed specifically to introduce mathematical concepts to pre-schoolers using traditional and contemporary games and gadgets. Building on children’s prior knowledge of mathematical concepts, it helps them learn numbers from 1 to 100 through interesting games such as Bingo Lotto. The children also learn about patterns through simple games such as sandwich sticks patterning.

The teachers go a step further under this project and build home-school partnership through a repackaging of these games, so that the children can take them home. This helps increase parental involvement in the children’s learning as well as encouraging the family to have some fun quality time together.

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My First Skool teachers help children learn through innovative methods.

Cupcake making: A science lesson in disguise

Innovative teaching can be seen across various centres of My First Skool. Take for example another award winning activity conducted at the centre at Blk 803 Tampines Ave 4, where children learnt the properties of butter through a lesson in cupcake making.

By mixing in the batter children learned how does butter change when it is mixed with sugar and eggs. Also woven into this activity were simple literacy and numeracy lessons: reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients.

By getting them to mix, prepare, bake and then decorate their cupcakes, the teachers also get kids to practice their fine motor skills and exercise their creative muscles!


Teachers at My First Skool go through regular structured training to help create a love for lifelong learning in your children.

My First Skool has the parental vote of confidence

The real testament to the quality care and enrichment provided by the teachers at various centres of My First Skool comes from the parents themselves.

Says Madam Sayathri, whose daughter Lakshana attends playgroup at My First Skool at Braddell Heights Community Hub “My daughter has been here since Nov 2014. I would say the care and concern shown by the teacher is remarkable. I would like to thank Principal Ms Bee for all her excellent advice, as well as for her care and concern.” She thanks the teachers for “their timely feedback and caring attitude” and their “true passion in this profession”.

Mr David Ong finds that his daughter Chelsea’s teacher Xu Lao Shi “is very passionate about her work as she always updates us on Chelsea’s situation in school.” Chelsea attends My First Skool at Blk 209 Ang Moh Kio. He adds that as a first time parent he is very grateful for the immense care the teacher takes of their daughter’s well being and her “good advice”.

Watch how My First Skool teachers go the extra mile

Experience the care and passion of our team of inspiring teachers today! Visit www.myfirstskool.com or call 6509 7887 to find out more.

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Sumati Nagrath

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