Why your child’s gut health is important

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Just like a healthy mum makes for a healthy pregnancy; a healthy gut makes for a healthy child. Find out why your child's gut health is important and how to nurture a healthy gut!

gut health healthy gut Dumex

Dumex presents the Parenting from the Heart seminar to help parents understand the importance of healthy guts for children.

With the competitive standards in Singapore, it’s little wonder that parents are increasingly focusing on ways to get their children to excel academically.

This is evident from the influx of enrichment classes that are available for children as young as six-months-old. With the emphasis on education and results, Singapore has even been applauded for raising the smartest kids in the world!

While our society has nurtured us to be results-driven, we cannot afford to forget that health is wealth.

A healthy child makes a happy child. As parents, seeing our children active and smiling means the world to us.

Dumex understands the concerns of parents, and hopes to educate parents through their Parenting from the Heart seminars which have been running for the 5th consecutive year.

Educating parents on the importance of a child’s gut health

Held at the Raffles Convention Centre on 3 October 2015 , the event saw an overwhelming response from new parents-to-be as well as parents with young children, who were all eager to find out why gut health is important during the first 1,000 days of their child’s life.

They all also wanted to learn about how they can prepare for the big day and nurture a healthy child when he finally arrives.

gut health healthy gut Dumex

Nurture a healthy gut during your child’s first 1,000 days of his life.

The seminar covered the importance of a pregnant mum’s diet which contributes to the child’s first 1,000 days, breastfeeding tips and priming your baby’s gut for his natural defenses.

New mums and dads learnt about how early life nutrition (from day one of pregnancy until a child’s second birthday) can impact a child’s long term health.

Why is it important to focus on your child’s gut health? Read on to find out what experts have to say.

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