Singapore has the smartest kids in the world!

Singapore has the smartest kids in the world!

The world’s smartest kids can be found on one small island. Ours!

Singapore is officially the country with the smartest high-school kids in the world.

Singapore's academic success has helped her become a thriving economy, and the way she has built her education system could hold lessons for the rest of the world.

“Singapore is a fascinating case,” said Marc Tucker, the president of the US National Center on Education and the Economy. “[It] was a major British port before the Second World War. When Britain got out and closed its base Singapore was in terrible shape.

If Singapore’s rags-to-riches transition was built on education, the secret of its education system is the quality of its teachers. “They source their teachers from among the best kids coming out of their high schools,” Tucker explained in a CNN report.

The importance of education is instilled at a young age. “I think for us as preschool educators, we are the foundation years,” said Diana Ong, principal at Pat’s Schoolhouse Sembawang Country Club. “We form the basic foundation.

So parents, if you want a child who is not only smart, but also resilient, investing in an education in Singapore is definitely the right way to go!

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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