Why kids should ‘go outside and play’

Why kids should ‘go outside and play’

When was the last time your kids enjoyed a good ball game at the park, or went for a walk around your neighbourhood? Can’t recall? Read on to find out why kids should have a break from screen time and head outdoors to play.

I still remember the first few weeks after my daughter was born. Hubby and I were quite reluctant to take her with us when we wanted to head outdoors, even if it was just to go out on a leisurely stroll at the nearby park. We were concerned about outdoor play and exposing her to the germs and dirt outside, since her immune system was still developing back then.

why kids should play outside

Outdoor play: My little girl off for a fun afternoon outdoors.

Things are quite different now that she has become a curious, active toddler. This little girl of mine just can’t wait to get out of the house and explore her surroundings. She loves going out for walks with us, and gets excited when we bring her to the playground on weekends. I hope that she’ll always be keen on playing outdoors, so I can plan fun activities for her as she grows up.

Are kids into outdoor play these days?

why kids should play outside

Outdoor games like hopscotch and the jump rope are so much fun! Need more reasons why kids should play outside?

I’ve always wondered how much time kids spend playing outdoors these days. Through my conversations with friends with older kids, it seems that half of them would rather stay glued to the screen and their game controllers than enjoy an actual ball game under the afternoon sun. It seems that gadgets and the virtual world starting to take over our kids’ lives — but we all know that kids should be playing outside more!

I’m pretty sure that the benefits of getting kids to play outdoors are plentiful, so here are some good reasons that I have found so far:

why kids should play outside

Why kids should play outside: Imagine how much fun you’d have, bonding with your little ones over a bike ride.

1. Outdoor play keeps them fit and healthy

Kids who channel their energies into playing outdoors are off to a good start in keeping fit and healthy. Games that involve running, jumping, kicking and throwing a ball not only benefit them physically – they also help to boost your kiddos’ concentration levels and attention span.

2. Outdoor play results in better immune system

Studies have shown that when kids are exposed to some ‘dirt’ while playing outdoors, their immune system grows stronger to fight against germs, bacteria and viruses. This probably explains why kids growing up in the countryside rarely fall sick or suffer from health issues like asthma. All the running around and playing outside all day must be doing wonders to their health!

3. Outdoor play gives them a healthier mind

Health experts recommend that kids spend some time playing outdoors to stimulate their minds. After all, what could be better than learning a thing (or two) about science and nature through a walk in the park or running free and building sandcastles on the beach at Sentosa on weekends?

why kids should play outside

Why kids should play outside: It’s more than having a fun day out at the beach!

4. Outdoor play teaches them about creativity

Kids are often at their creative best when playing outdoors, as they make up new and interesting games to play (using the limited available ‘resources’) in a totally different environment. Along the way, they also pick up important life skills such as teamwork, problem-solving and leadership through simple games like ‘hide and seek’.

Tips courtesy of breeze.sg.

Although I’m all for letting my daughter enjoy more outdoor play as she gets older, the ‘clean freak mum’ side of me couldn’t help thinking of all the scrubbing that I’d have to do to get her clothes looking clean and new again.

why kids should play outside

How do you deal with your kids’ dirt-stained clothes after a fun session of outdoor play?

I didn’t think much about looking for a suitable laundry detergent to help ease my worries until recently, when I was presented with a bottle each of Breeze Power Clean liquid detergent and Comfort Ultra fabric conditioner to try out. The instructions looked simple enough:

– Rub a little of the Breeze Power Clean liquid detergent on the stained area

– Pour the rest into the washer, and wash as normal

why kids should play outside

Trying out the Breeze Power Clean on my husband’s shirt.

To keep my clothes smelling fresh, I also added half a cap of Comfort Ultra. This helps to get rid of those ‘strong smells’ (e.g. smoke, food and sweat).

After using the Breeze detergent, I now feel more confident in handling the laundry after a fun outdoor play session. This definitely beats having to scrub her clothes to remove the stains and dirt that she’ll pick up while playing outside!

Do you want to try out Breeze for yourself, too, and say goodbye to stubborn stains (the minor “side effects” of outdoor play, which is something your kids really need to have time for)?

Say hello to complete laundry care from Breeze

why kids should play outside

Breeze Goodbye Musty & Breeze Colour Care.

Aside from the Power Clean variant, Breeze’s range of liquid detergent also includes:

Breeze Colour Care – Helps to keep coloured clothes bright

Breeze Goodbye Musty – Helps to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean, even when they’re dried indoors (A norm for almost all Singaporean households)

For more information about Breeze liquid laundry detergents, as well as laundry tips and outdoor play activities for your child, be sure to join in the conversation on Facebook!

why kids should play outdoors?

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Justina Goh

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