Why should you choose a camcorder over your smartphone to capture your children’s milestones

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Capture every precious childhood milestone and family moment with a camcorder and create footage that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Presented by Sony.

Right now, it may feel like you have all the time in the world to enjoy their childhood, but kids grow up so quickly. Before long, they’ll pretty much be tiny adults and you’ll be left wondering – where did all the time go?

In today’s never-miss-a-moment selfie society, this is why many parents turn into amateur documentarists, taping and photographing every little thing – from adorable drools to tiny toes to babbles and bubbles baths, to those precious moments when our little balls of energy (finally) fall asleep and look positively angelic.

But did you ever stop to think that, though convenient, smartphone footage may not prove to be the best idea in the long run? Here are five reasons why a camcorder is still worth the investment:

1. Details matter: camcorders deliver clearer, shake-free footages

Have you ever taken footage of your child doing something hilarious or extraordinary, then to your dismay, later find the video quality pixelated or unfocused?

With a good camcorder, you’ll capture every important detail. Sony’s AXP55 boasts a Balanced Optical SteadyShot feature, which means you can say goodbye to shaky home videos! It even lets you run after your kids and get a smooth and steady video—with 4K image quality at that!

Just look at the difference between the effects of Balanced Optical SteadyShot (right) and the typical optical image stabilization (left) in the video below:

2. Hear every word, relive every laugh: camcorders have higher audio quality

One common pitfall of home videos is the audio quality—many mics normally don’t have the noise reduction features that a good camcorder has.

With its built-in microphone and wind noise reduction feature, Sony’s AXP55’s 5.1ch surround sound lets you capture the sounds of your child’s laughter even in the noisiest of places. It captures sounds from all corners so that when you play back the video, you are transported back to that very moment in time.

3. Spread the love: camcorder footage is easier than ever to share with friends and family

sony camcorder

Sony’s AXP55’s projector feature lets you show a movie instantly, directly from your camcorder! You don’t need any extra equipment or a complicated setup—find yourself a blank wall (preferably white) and you’re all set. You can even project images and videos from your other devices such as laptop, mobile or tablet via the Handycam. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

With Sony’s AXP55’s WiFi feature, you can easily send videos to your mobile. This lets you share videos with your friends and family almost immediately. Plus, for the more old-fashioned (grandma and grandpa, perhaps?), you can capture high-quality stills from your 4K movies and turn them into photo albums for them to flip through.

4. Never miss a moment: camcorders are easier to use

While you often have to scramble to unlock your phone and locate the camera app before taking a photo or video, camcorders are ready to shoot at any moment—after all, that’s what they were designed for! When armed with a camcorder, there’s no reason for you to miss a single chapter of your child’s story.

Some camcorders are so easy to operate, that older kids can take over and use them to capture videos from their perspectives. Sony’s AXP55, for instance, is a user-friendly camcorder with touch-screen functions that make shooting home movies a breeze.

5. The movie of your life: camcorders let you relive your most precious memories in the best way possible

High-quality home videos have payoffs that last lifetimes. Years from now, you’ll look back on these precious moments and feel grateful that you’ve captured some of your favourite memories.

Whether they’re as monumental as your child’s first steps or a graduation ceremony or the simple beauty of your family’s day-to-day routines, these moments make up your family’s history and are worth preserving. That’s why, when it comes to recording home videos, parents shouldn’t settle for less.

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