When should I get my toddler out of night-time diapers?

When should I get my toddler out of night-time diapers?

Signs to look for that suggest your toddler is ready to trash the night-time diapers.

night-time diapers

Find out when to get your child out of night-time diapers!

Growing pains

The last frontier in potty training your child, is the night-time diapers. This step seems to be the hardest for many children. Deciding what age your child should be when you ween them from the night-time diapers is difficult sometimes. Toddlers will all advance and grow up at their own speed, but still there comes a time when you should start trying to train them.

Getting ready for no night-time diapers

Once your toddler is potty trained for the daytime, it may be easier to get rid of those night-time diapers. But do not try to do everything at one time, take things in steps and celebrate the little accomplishments as they come along. Toddlers will respond better to taking things one step at a time instead of trying to do everything at once.


Night-Time Potty Visits

Toddlers learn from habit, so the routine of visiting the bathroom at night might help. Pick a couple of different times during the night to wake up your child and help them to the bathroom. Once they have done this a few times, it might help to keep them in the routine. Once you have noticed that they wake up in the morning dry, then it could be time to stop wearing the night-time diapers.

night-time diapers

Night-time diapers can get expensive…


Do Not Push

Take your time with your toddler to make sure they are ready to be taken off the night-time diapers. You know your toddler better than anyone, if they do not want to do it then they will not. Even if your toddler is 2-3 years old, that does not mean that they are automatically ready to leave the night-time diapers behind.

Many parents go under the assumption that there is a set age to remove toddlers from night-time diapers, but there is not really a set age. Toddlers all develop at different stages, some may grow faster than others. But just pay attention to your toddler and you will notice the little signs they will exhibit to show they are ready to get rid of the night-time diapers.

Potty training may be the most stressful time for many parents. Children do not want to cooperate, always washing wet clothes and all the money going out on night-time diapers. Sometimes it may just get to be to much, but take a deep breath and remember things will get easier.

How did you help your children get through this phase of their life? Do you have any tips to share? Tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you! For more on potty training, watch this video:

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