What your handbag carrying style says about you

What your handbag carrying style says about you

Did you know that the way you carry a specific bag can reveal a lot about a person’s personality? Read more to find out what your 'bag holding style' says about you to others!

handbag holding style

Read more to find out what your handbag carrying style says about you!

For decades, men have pondered why women have so many bags in their closets. First things first, women possess unlimited bags because each one serves a different purpose for specific occasions. For example, women tend to wear smaller purses or clutches for special occasions, since it allows them to carry basic essentials like money, cellphones, and lipstick without being too bulky. For running errands or grocery shopping, most women prefer to use a shoulder bag to keep their hands free to focus on other things. Working women opt to carry large totes, handbags or briefcases to enable them to put a lot of important files, documents and things inside of their bags.

Depending on the type and size of a bag, a woman will hold it and carry it accordingly. This may sound odd, but there are several ‘bag holding styles’ — and how you hold your bag can help determine your personality. Find out what your ‘bag holding style’ says about you!

Clutches and purses

Women who carry their clutches in front of them with two hands may give the impression that she is defensive and shy. This might also translate that she is currently feeling awkward.

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Some ladies carry their purses like a piece of french bread, which is actually very common. It signifies that the woman is on-the-go and alert. She doesn’t have an intention to show off her bag but only to protect what is inside, just like what her mama taught her.

Loose clutching
Women who appear to be lazily holding their clutches are described as aggressive and straightforward. This style may also represent a woman who is open to having fun and flirting.

Armpit vice
This bag holding style is common with women who want to keep their hands free, since clutches don’t have straps. It can represent awkwardness, but it could also mean that the woman doesn’t care about what others think as long as it feels good for her.

handbag holding style

Read more to find out what your handbag carrying style says about you!

Large bags

Arm-crook hook
Women who let their bag hang on the crook of one elbow signify superiority, especially when done with major wrist flopping. This bag holding style is particularly effective if they are carrying a really expensive designer bag and want to show it off to everyone.

Women who opt to use the top handle of their bags instead of the straps are described as business-like, serious and on-the-go.

This style isn’t really fashionable, because the woman carries multiple bags at once. It just screams that she is in a rush, pressured and tired.

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Thumb to pit
Women who carry their bags on one shoulder while constantly holding the straps are known to be more practical than anything else. Women opt for this bag holding style to safeguard their bags and what’s inside it. Women who live in the bustling cities adapt to this method.

Long-strapped bags

Third arm drape
This bag holding style refers to women who are prone to slinging their bag over one shoulder. It suggests that the women lacks awareness and self-control. This bag holding style isn’t really recommended as it can be easily snatched away.

Women, particularly teenagers, drape their bags over their body and unto the opposite shoulder to leave their hand free. This bag holding style signifies casualness and independence.

Do you agree with the abovementioned bag holding styles and their meanings? Do you carry your bags in a specific way? Tell us about it.

No matter what your style is, watch this video for some health tips on carrying your bag:

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