What are the things young kids don’t need to know about?

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Find out what young kids don't need to know about and why it's better to keep mum about certain topics.

There are certain things young kids don’t need to know about. Find out what they are by reading on!

Would you tell your young kids about shootings that take place in other schools, or about children being kidnapped? How about discussing financial issues in front of them? Are there other things that young kids don’t need to know about?

The following is a general overview of conversations that are better left to the adults in your life. These are things that young children cannot a) comprehend; b) do anything about; c) benefit from if they know about them.

Terrorism and catastrophic events

First off, young kids don’t need to know about acts of terrorism and/or violence such a massacre. Things like these should not be discussed in detail with small children 10 and under.


Young kids don’t need to know about terrorist attacks and other violent events in detail.


Ask yourself — what can your child possibly do about the situation? How will knowing what happened help them? It won’t. Hearing such things will ,only serve to scare them and possibly cause separation anxiety.

Children over the age of 10 will likely hear the news or hear others talking about such events. It is important that they hear the truth about the matter from you, and that you answer any and all questions they may have.

Family financial woes


Your young kids don’t need to know about your family’s financial troubles.

Unemployment, mortgage woes, credit card debt… these should NEVER be discussed in front of your children when they are still little.

First of all, they did nothing to cause the aforementioned problem(s).

Secondly, hearing about these things may be unsettling and frightening for young kids. Children may conjure up the worst-case scenarios in their minds — causing anxiety, inability to focus, acting out aggressively or severe withdrawal.

If big changes need to be made, decide what these changes will be before telling your children. Then, present the news as positively as possible and assure them that while some things may be changing, being together and loving each other as a family never will.

If you have teens in your household, it is perfectly acceptable to enlist their help in specific ways, such as getting a weekend job or cutting back on their cell phone plan, etc.

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