Unexpected But Totally Normal Events During Childbirth (Like Pooing During Labour)

Unexpected But Totally Normal Events During Childbirth (Like Pooing During Labour)

Whatever you’ve heard about ‘expecting the unexpected’ at childbirth, labour room experiences will still surprise you. Bizarre events that will shock you into shame are actually quite normal for the labour room staff.

Delivering a baby is no mean feat. Doctors and nurses declare that there is nothing shameful as the body is going through a high hormonal orchestra. Some embarrassing side effects like poo during labour is quite natural during this miracle-making process!

Here is a compilation of some of the disclosures by experienced moms. If you thought that your worst behaviour during labour would be swearing at your caregiver, then you are in for a real surprise. 

16 “Embarrassing” Incidents that are more common than you migh

1. Poo During Labour

what to expect when giving birth

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Whether the epidural makes your muscles relax or the contractions make you push down harder, pooping on your labour table is inevitable for most moms.

2. Pee All Over

Just about the same reason for which you have poo during labour, you will end up peeing on yourself. The downward thrust from the baby also puts enough pressure on the bladder to let go.

3. Released Flatus

Since your bottom part releases solids and liquids, can gas be far behind? One of the most embarrassing things would be constant farting while pushing. 

4. Barf into a Bag

what to expect when giving birth

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Some ladies feel nauseous till the very end of the whole process. Asking your nurse or partner to keep a barf-bag ready would be a good idea. 

5. Shivers and Trembles

With the hormonal high-tide and the anticipation of the big arrival, you may end up shivering uncontrollably. A hand and feet massage should make you feel fine.

6. Severe Back Pain

what to expect when giving birth

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Your lower back will pain so much; you might feel as if your baby will get delivered through your anus. It is actually your baby putting pressure on your back to travel towards the vaginal opening.

7. Ballooning Out

The last few days before delivery makes you feel swollen. But during and after the labour, your lower body and limbs may literally inflate like a balloon as all the fluid in the body is pushed down.

8. Need of Incision

The natural way to deliver will leave you with a tear in the soft perineum. Your doctor may decide against a natural tear and help the baby out with a small surgical incision which will be stitched up later.

9. Having Haemorrhoids

All the high intensity thrusts, pushes out a part of the rectum. This can give you temporary piles. This resolves itself as soon as you go back to your original form.

10. Need For IV

During the real show, you may need small medical support. If you test positive for the group-b strep test or if you end up with salt imbalances, you will need an IV. 

11. An Oxygen Mask

what to expect when giving birth

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You are supplying oxygen to your baby in the womb. If baby’s heartbeat shows any distress, you will need to wear an oxygen mask to induce more oxygen into the bloodstream.

12. Rupture Of the Sac

Rupture of your amniotic sac, or water-breaking as it is called, is going to be a surprise. It may be a flash flood or a leaking tap. Be prepared with towels and plastic bags.

13. Epidurals and Other Help

You may be given an epidural or asked to endure the pain as it is. An epidural may sometimes work partially. Also, there may be a last moment glitch for your little one to pop-out. Your doctor may decide on a vacuum delivery or a C-section.

14. Hormonal Catastrophe

Very few of the mums go through this process with polite dignity. So, expect an emotional rollercoaster ride, which may be crying, laughing, swearing or all together. 

15. Never-ending Programme

At the end of 9 months, most moms are desperate to get over it quickly. A long labour might feel like a punishment after that. Relax, your baby is just playing hard to get.

16. First Look

Though most mums vouch that their baby is the prettiest, the new arrival fresh out of the sac, is actually far from it. Also, the exhausted moms have no energy left to bond with this bundle of joy. Leave the bonding to the father.

Every mother goes through a different experience. But, at the end, it is worth every moment, however bizarre and painful.

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