Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

Did you just find out that you are pregnant? Here’s what you need to do to ensure a healthy and smooth pregnancy.

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for forever:  You just found out that you are pregnant and are going to be a mum!


Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of womanhood. With this joy it comes with a lot of serious responsibility too!

Now, you have to take good care of yourself and the little one growing in your womb. You will have to plan for many things ahead for the next nine months and beyond. This is going to be such a transformational journey for you.

The nine-month-long pregnancy is a delicate, yet exciting phase of your life. You and your partner will have to take care of a lot of things to keep the ride smooth on this sometimes bumpy pregnancy journey. 

However, if you are well-prepared, there is nothing you need to worry about. You can peacefully enjoy this beautiful phase of your life.

Here are the 8 most important things that you will need to deal with during your pregnancy

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

1. Announcing the good news. You are pregnant, so, of course you are super excited and you want to share this excitement with the whole world right away! When is the best time to do this, and how? It varies from person to person. You may choose to be loud and proud or discreet and sensitive about the whole thing. Some announce it right after the doctor confirms the pregnancy. Some wait until the second trimester when the chance of a miscarriage drops significantly. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide!

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

2.  Choose a gynaecologist. How did you discover that you were pregnant? Maybe you used a home kit. For initial discovery, that's fine but you should get further check ups done by a gynaecologist. Your friends and family will recommend one to you or you can search for a reputed one. Your gynaecologist will be your best friend and guide for the next nine months, advising you on the health and progression of your pregnancy until you deliver the baby. So choose your gynae wisely and one whom you will be comfortable with!

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

3. Pay attention to your diet. This is probably one of the most important areas that you should pay attention to. Once you are pregnant, the foetus will draw nutrition through you, so your diet will have to change to be healthier. Your caloric intake will also increase. Therefore, you should make some informed decisions regarding your diet with the help of your doctor. For example, eating more folate-rich foods during the first 28 days of pregnancy reduces the risk of brain and spinal defects in the baby. Take DHA-rich foods to nourish baby’s growing brain and increase your calcium intake in the third trimester. That’s when your baby’s bones are rapidly developing. Depending on your health condition, your doctor will prescribe you medication or supplements too.

4. Decide on a birth plan. How will you deliver your baby? Will it be a natural birth or Caesarean? Do you want an epidural or do you want to deliver without pain relief? You will have to make all these decisions in the coming months. Of course, your doctor will guide you on making informed decisions (do ask lots of questions!) and much will depend on how your pregnancy progresses.

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?

5. Choose a hospital. Where will you deliver your baby? Most probably, your gynae is already attached to a hospital, but a lot depends on your budget and location. So, do some research, ask around and decide on a maternity hospital. While choosing a hospital, you must find out the nurse to patient ratio and the quality of doctors in the hospital.

6. Find a workout plan and stick to it.  Not only is it important to exercise when you aren’t pregnant, it is important to stay healthy and fit while you are pregnant too! Your body is going through a lot of changes and you want to keep it healthy. So, finding a light exercise regime of your choice ensures a healthy pregnancy. For example, you're likely to gain less (extra) weight during pregnancy if you work out. With muscles in good shape, labour and delivery may be easier for you. Your strong abs and a fit cardiovascular system can give you more stamina for the pushing stage. Exercise also helps lower your gestational diabetes risk by as much as 27 percent. 

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Baby! Did You Do These 8 Things Yet?   

7. Shop around for maternity and baby clothes. As your pregnancy progresses, you will find that your normal clothes don’t fit you. You may need maternity clothes of varying sizes during the different stages of your pregnancy. You should also start shopping for baby essentials and get the nursery in order. You won’t have time to do all this when you are heavily pregnant or after the baby arrives, so now is the time. Plus, it’s heaps of fun!

8. Get a maternity insurance plan. The journey of pregnancy and its final destination demands utmost care, both for the mother and child. A maternity insurance plan is extremely useful as it is tailored to protect you from any potential issues that may come up during pregnancy. So, make sure you get maternity insurance from a trusted insurer like Great Eastern that gives you and your partner the ultimate peace of mind. Also, you should research for protection plans for your newborn after your child is born.

Here are some plans by Great Eastern that you may consider:

Flexi Maternity Cover

Flexi Maternity Cover is a comprehensive, standalone maternity insurance plan for you and your newborn. From as early as 13 weeks into your pregnancy, it offers reassuring cover in the event of Pregnancy Complications or Congenital Illnesses for the insured newborn. Having this will help to provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on all the joyous moments this journey will bring. 

The cover extends complimentary Zika coverage to provide you with much-needed protection, especially for pregnant mummy-to-be and her newborn. It also comes with Hospital Care Benefit (up to 30 days) if either the insured mother or insured newborn is hospitalised due to Zika virus infection.

Key benefits of the plan include:

Early protection for mother and newborn: With a one-time premium, your coverage can start as early as the 13th week of your pregnancy and continues for 30 days after childbirth. Coverage for your newborn ends three years from the start of the policy.

Comprehensive coverage: Receive protection against eight pregnancy complications, and Death or Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) due to the covered Pregnancy Complications. Your newborn is also covered for 18 congenital illnesses and death due to the covered congenital illnesses. You and your newborn can each receive up to S$200 Hospital Care Benefit per day for up to 30 days.

Guaranteed Insurability Benefit for added assurance: You get the option to purchase an eligible Whole Life/Investment Linked/Endowment plan for yourself and/or newborn within 90 days of your newborn's birth without the need for medical underwriting at the point of exercising the option.

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Total Health Platinum Select or Total Health Platinum

Total Health is a hospitalisation plan, complementary to Supreme Health. It offers complete coverage by taking care of the deductible and co-insurance portions of your hospital bill.  Total Health's special benefits help you to cover other related out-of-hospital costs.  You can choose Total Health Platinum Select to receive quality healthcare from private specialists and private hospitals. You can extend your protection with the option to cover overseas medical treatment with Total Health Plus rider.

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With the above tips, your journey from mum-to-be to mummy will be safe and smooth and the insurance cover will give you and your partner added mental peace, so that you can truly enjoy this beautiful phase of life.

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