What Parenting Really Looks Like: A Photo Story!

Family photographer Danielle shows us what parenting really looks like - a messy, beautiful, struggle.

Mums, as much as you would want a spic and span home, it may be slightly impossible with kids around. If you think your house is always in a mess, you're not the only one - that's what parenting really looks like

We all know that parenting is an exhausting task as opposed to what pregnancy books make you dream of. Once the baby is out, what parenting really looks like is completely different to what most couples expect.

What parenting really looks like through Danielle Guenther's lens: 

Danielle Guenther, a photographer based in Hoboken, NJ, gives us a glimpse into a parent’s life through some real, funny pictures.

Talking about her experiment she shares: "I have a regular client that I photograph, and I was over at her house. It was at the end of the session, and the mom, who is always a total blast, just laid down on the couch, and I said we should do a funny one. She has a wonderful sense of humour, and she was all about it! And then it just spiralled out of control in a really great way."

The first, 'Parenting Is Exhausting' picture led to a series of 13 pictures. Guenther called it the 'Best Case Scenario' and it is simply crazy.

What parenting really looks like


The photographer shares that these pictures are mostly inspired by her five-and-a-half-year-old son. 

She points out: "Mothers are always doing everything with crap all over their strollers, picking up the dry-cleaning. That's the scenario: you running errands and your husband holding up his finger — hold on a second; I've got to check the score. That's life; that's how it is!"

In this photo series Guenther keeps perfection at bay. She draws inspiration from what parenting really looks like and brings out the ugly yet beautiful side of parenting. She shows us, the beautiful mess that parenting can be.

Source: PopSugar 
Images from Danielle Guenther Photography