9 Weird pregnancy aches and pains that are totally normal

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Find out which common pregnancy complaints are nothing to worry about and how to properly address them!

Find out which common pregnancy complaints are nothing to worry about and how to properly address them!

Pregnancy is an interesting time for women–arguably the most interesting time in her entire life. Over the course of nine months you’ll be dealing with drastic body changes, hormonal changes, and everything in between. Of those myriad of “things in between” is a wide variety of aches and pains that are usually nothing to worry about. However, most women tend to worry about these aches and pains a little too much simply because they’re not in the know about what they’re dealing with!

It’s a good strategy to be conscientious of everything going on with your body when you’ve got a baby in the oven, but wouldn’t it be nice to learn a bit about which aches and pains are totally normal?


Moms-to-be, sit back, relax and take a  look at these common, yet weird, aches and pains that you’ll experience while pregnant and why you needn’t sound the alarm when you encounter them!

1. Groin Pains

The two ligaments that stretch down from your uterus to your groin can sometimes hurt when you’re pregnant. This round ligament pain can feel like a sharp, stabbing sensation. Often this pain comes when you stand up quickly, or change positions.

What to do: Sandi Hoover, mother of three and co-owner of The Family Tree Yoga and Massage, recommends the half bow yoga pose to help assuage any discomfort. “Lie down on the bed, couch, or floor on your unaffected side, supporting your head with your hand,” she suggests. “Use your other hand to pull your foot of the side where you are feeling the ligament pain towards your backside and press both hips way forward for gentle stretch. Hold this stretch for three breaths in and three breaths out.”

Find out more common pregnancy complaints, what they mean, and how to deal with them! Visit the next page for more!

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