Weekend Plans

Weekend Plans

Not sure what to do over the weekend? Here are what some other parents are doing!

Reader: What are your plans for this weekend? Please share!

Community Replies:

Rohaida Annuar : Bring the kids makan2...i love weekend!

Raveen Tilani : Planning on going to play miniature kids golf at East Coast.

Low Lay Guat : gg for movie... toy story 3

Dheeraj Khiatani : time off work!!! work is sooo stressfull for me.. my boss wah lau, give so much work.

Prisca Ju Ek Tan: bringing my daughter for swimming tmr morning. Pray for no rain

Fiona Rebecca Biggs : Tomm : Wake (funeral) in the morning with daughter in tow - niece bday in the afternoon (daughter in tow) - wedding dinner - midnight bday celebration for a close friend.

Sunday: Sleep in (hopefully) - crematorium (daughter in tow) - sleep (nap wth daughter) - church then dinner with daughter in tow - WC finals with the cousins n friends.

Geertruida Margaretha : swimming with my twins in PACET, EAST JAVA (pool with hot water from geothermal energy)

Zarena Sani : gg for swimming at wild2 wet

Kin Fook Lok : with a 2 year old and a 2 month old... Really dun know where to go except to stay home...

Belle Wong : Spend quality time at home, cook for him, stroll to the market and library.

Grace Ho : Think I'll spend my time at home with my baby and husband. All of us needs to catch some sleep even though the little one always refuses when tired.

Yeyen Dwinanti : out of town with my hubby and son...

Rita William : Boys and I will attend Novena on Sat and on Sunday morning mass, cathecism and lunch out. Then home to rest.

Mawar Puradinata : Family Vacation to jakarta

Mary Ann Magdadaro-Maligro : my boys are planing to watch Shrek 3D

Joanna Tan : Working thru the weekends .. Sighs.. Hard life in retail

Romauli Sihite : bookstore..

Nina Abdul : We will be at Dempsey. We will leave our 2 girls at go go bambini while me and hub spend time together at Harrys bar.

Julia Lim : Tomorrow; Princess and I will be attending our 1st lesson (class)on "toddler music classes"..both of us are super excited about it then after that we're gonna have a lunch date with daddy. Sunday will be a restful and quality time with daddy that will be spent at home with lots of cuddles and giggle- just d 3 of uss! I love d weekend!!

Mawar Puradinata : Family vacation to jakarta

Jessica Kartika : go swimming @ downtown east

Jean Ong : Family Artz affair @Marina Barrage 1pm-7pm....loads of activities for the family.....come on and join in the FUN......

Clara Leonie : out of town as a usual weekend -> spend a weekend in the hotel w/ swimming pool & playground... : my boys are love it so much... : they're usually have fun & enjoy it...

Tsabitha Maesa Amandani : ‎@ Kelapa Gading Mall, Jakarta.

Have event Cocho Land presented by Delfy.
I will take pic my daughter, Amnada when she's mouth cocholate fully.
wakakaka. Can not wait longer.

Ng Cecilia : Bringing my 2 boys to Rochester Park,anyone been there before ? Isst a good place for kids ...

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