5 Ways You'll Confirm Guarantee Plus Chop Get a Seat When Preggie

5 Ways You'll Confirm Guarantee Plus Chop Get a Seat When Preggie

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Mummies-to-be, isn't it frustrating when you board the MRT or bus and you can't get a seat when pregnant because people can't tell that you are in the first place? Though many at times, people will give up their seats for you, there are other times when people just aren't sure if you're pregnant or just wearing a loose top.

Here are a 5 humorous ways that you can give a little hint to people so that you will confirm guarantee plus chop get a seat when you're pregnant:

*Note: Our ideas are pretty candid, test them out at your own risk. 

#1 Rub your tummy

Ah, yes. Only dummies would think that you're bloated from a filling dinner. If your bump isn't that obvious yet, trying rubbing it while leaning backwards and exhaling a little. It would get people's attention, and if they stare at your tummy long enough, they might just stand up and offer their seat to you.

#2 Talk about it

If you're alone, pick up the phone and give a call to your mum to let her know how you and the baby are doing, and that you're heading home after a gynaecologist appointment. Be sure to say it loudly and touch your belly while doing it for added effect.

#3 Walk like a penguin

No harm trying, right?

#4 Get your hubby in on it too

Nothing says teamwork than when your hubby helps. If you're out on a weekend and the trains and buses are packed, get him to gently pat your tummy and talk about the baby. Hint: while touching the belly, get him to look around and ask you, "Do you wanna sit?"

#5 Be direct

Or you know, if you really want to sit, you could just ask.

What are some other funny ways that you can think of that will guarantee you a seat? Tell us in the comments below!

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Claudia Chia

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