8 sweet ways your toddler says "I love you, mummy and daddy"

8 sweet ways your toddler says "I love you, mummy and daddy"

Toddlers are generally known for their tantrums and unreasonable demands. But at the same time, they engage in some absolutely adorable antics that melt our hearts and let us know just how much they love us...

Here are a few of the many ways a toddler says "I love you":

1. Delaying you from going out just so they can be with you for longer. Queue sad puppy dog eyes...


2. Being delighted about everything you give them -- even if it's just a simple toy


3. That smile she gives you whenever she sees you...


4. Greeting you like they haven't seen you for years, when you've only been away for 10 minutes


5. Running away from you when you call them... because they trust you and know you will follow


6. Showing off to you. Because to them, these are accomplishments and they just want you to be proud of them.


7. Cuddling, kissing and getting close you to (when they're not throwing a tantrum)


8. Saying "I love you" for the first time

How does your toddler express his or her love for you? Let us know in a comment below. 

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