10 ways to put your baby to sleep according to one funny dad

10 ways to put your baby to sleep according to one funny dad

This New Zealand-based dad's hilarious tips are surprisingly effective! Here's proof

There's a new social media star in town and he's probably the only new dad who hasn't been losing sleep. Putting baby to sleep can be tough, but it seems he has found a way around the stress of it.

Apparently, he's unlocked the elusive secret to dominating bedtime--or, at least that's what he'd like us to believe.

Meet Jordan Watson, a New Zealand-based papa, and the brains behind How to DAD who describes his page as “parenting advice you’ll actually want to listen to,” and it takes just a quick scroll on the page to see why.

His latest video offers tips on "How to Put a Baby to Sleep" and it will leave you laughing out loud because of how relatable they are. Most parents have tried just about anything to get their baby to sleep but this hilarious video shows that Jordan may very well be the only one who's "succeeded".

Whether your strategy is to lie down with your baby until they doze off or to just let them "cry it out", all parents can't escape being slaves to their kids' bedtime schedule.

But Jordan is finding humour in this nightly struggle with the help of his daughter who's a little over a year old and totally stealing the show---fake-sleeping on command and giving her dad high fives!

The Shush Train

Apparently making shushing noises like a chugging train really works!sleep2

The Standard Blanket

Never underestimate the power of the ubiquitous Blanky!


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Method Acting

Kids learn by mimicking mostly so be sure to show them how it's done!


The Tap Out

Just a few taps to let them know you're serious can make a difference.


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The Hypnotist

When all else fails, some slight hypnosis may prevail.


The Dad That Doesn't Know a Single Lullaby

Don't know the words to Rock-a-Bye Baby or Twinkle, Twinkle? Worry not! Sometimes, a little improvisation goes a long way


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The Big Awkward Dad Giant Baby Sleepover

Sometimes, you just have to jump right in to their crib to put them to sleep.


The Bribe Dad

"If you sleep now, I'll let you climb the curtains tomorrow!"


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The Give Up.

The easiest in Jordan's bag of tricks but no less effective


The Tiptoe

Sometimes staying as quiet as possible is the key to lulling your little one into a good night's sleep, according to Jordan.


Watch the entire hilarious how-to video below!

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