WATCH: Toddler walking dangerously along window of apartment

WATCH: Toddler walking dangerously along window of apartment

Toddler seen walking dangerously along window of an apartment block in Brazil suburb before it is grabbed back by carer

Parents, this video footage might just be a reason for you to up the safety standards of your home. A toddler was filmed cheating death and walking along a window of its third storey apartment in Brazil.

In this nerve-wrecking video, you can see how the toddler balances itself, making its way slowly along the window before fortunately being grabbed back by it's carer.

The incident was filmed by an onlooker and has gone viral ever since it has been posted on Youtube.

Watch the terrifying video here:

It has also been reported that social workers have became aware of the clip and have visited the child's home, where its parents and relatives were given a warning to make their apartment safe.

Social services have reportedly stated that the child's grandfather, who lives in the home, has since put up a protective mesh wire over the window.

'Parents should always have children in their sight to be able to guarantee their safety," said local fire chief Wellington Amaral.

"Children want to explore the world when they begin to walk and their parents should always make access to windows and other dangerous places difficult."

Source: dailymail


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Aisyah Amin

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