Watch what happens when baby hears Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself"

Watch what happens when baby hears Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself"

See this baby belieber's hilarious reaction to Justin Bieber's hit song! (Full video at bottom of page)

A few weeks ago, Brittany Potter was driving around with her 6-month-old daughter Layla. As young babies often do, Layla began to cry. Brittany tried everything in her power to console the crying no avail. Feeling the pressure to try anything and everything, Brittany turned on the radio and tuned in as a popular song by Justin Bieber began to play. "His song came on and she instantly stopped crying so from then on, I played the song to help soothe her," Potter said in an interview with Caters News Agency. From that moment on, 6-month-old Layla Potter was a "belieber".

While someone becoming a fan of Justin Bieber is nothing new, it should be noted that this pint-sized belieber is going viral. Why? Because of a hilarious video of her reaction to the song "Love Yourself".

Check out the highlights from the hysterical viral video here:

baby 1

As the video begins, we can see baby Layla is in the middle of a fit. She's clearly very grumpy and suffering from a lack of "Biebs". Will anything calm her down from this temper tantrum? Of course...

new baby 2

The very second Layla hears the sweet, soothing sounds of J Biebs, she feels at ease. But is this really the case? Maybe this was just a coincidence and Layla was ready to stop crying. Brittany decides to cut the music to see if it was really the reason for Layla's peacefulness.

baby 3

Back to crying for baby Layla! Looks like this baby belieber can't go without her J Biebs fix! Better just play the song, Mum.

baby 4

As soon as "Love Yourself" resumes, Layla settles down so she can hear her favorite singer of all time. Lesson learned, Brittany: don't test this baby's love for Bieber!

Check out the whole video here and see just how much of a fan little Layla truly is:

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