WATCH: Father and son's super smooth cover of a Sinatra classic

WATCH: Father and son's super smooth cover of a Sinatra classic

Watch this talented father and son duo's ultra smooth, pitch-perfect cover of one of Frank Sinatra's classic hits

Ol’ Blue Eyes would be oh-so proud of this father-son duet!

While driving in their car, a father and son begin singing along to the Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. classic “Me and My Shadow”.

Their perfectly synchronised rendition will make anyone swoon and croon along with them.

screengrab: YouTube

screengrab: YouTube

It’s not clear where they are driving to, but it sure doesn’t matter. It was truly an entertaining ride! By the end of it, they share an adorable high-five!

daddysonsinatra 2

screengrab: YouTube

We only have one wish: for James Corden to get ahold of this video and invite them for a ride and a carpool karaoke session! Now, that would be fun!

Watch their entire rendition in the video below!

The stars of the video are 36-year-old Matt Clayton and his son Archie, 6. Both are obviously big fans of Frank Sinatra. Their shared talent and love for music is truly inspiring.

“Whenever we are in the car we are always singing along and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favourite,” Matt told Kent Online. “He now knows all the words and it is always such a pleasure to sing with him.”

We’re not sure if this ultra smooth cover was a spur of the moment jam session or if they had practiced but, the most adorable thing about it is how dad and son complemented each other’s vocals and how much fun they were having together while singing along to the Sinatra classic!

It comes as no surprise, after watching the clip, to find out that Matt is a professional, singing for the swing band called Our Way.

He initially posted the now-viral video as a playful nudge at his bandmates. “We are always doing it but this time, I thought I would film it and put it online as a dig at one of my band-mates that my son might be better at singing Sinatra than him,” reveals Matt.

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