Watch: baby laughs uncontrollably as dad eats asparagus

Watch: baby laughs uncontrollably as dad eats asparagus

Baby Brooklyn Avner just can't contain her laughter!

Sometimes asparagus is funny. No? You don’t agree? Either way, baby Brooklyn Avner (seen below) finds asparagus absolutely hysterical.



Jayson Avner, Brookln’s father, thought it would be a good idea to slurp up his asparagus instead of eating it the normal, boring way. His daughter couldn’t contain her laughter so her mum and dad just had to record the comedic gold on camera.


Baby Brooklyn just can't contain her laughs!

Baby Brooklyn just can’t contain her laughs!

The Avner’s uploaded the video to YouTube recently, and the rest is history! In fact, the video was even featured on the Today Show’s website.

Watch the video below and see if you can make it through the entire video without cracking a smile!


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