Washing your kid’s school uniform: daily or less often?

Washing your kid’s school uniform: daily or less often?

Should you wash your child's uniform daily or less often?

"How often should I wash my kid's school uniform?" is a question that has run through all parents' minds at some point. Am I going to wash my kid’s school uniform daily or only after two or three days of wear? 

But is it really necessary to wash your kid’s uniform daily or it is alright to wash them only after two or three times of use? Is it hygienic and healthy for your child? All these questions and more are what this article is about. We will try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of washing kid’s uniforms daily or less often.

How often should I wash my kid's school uniform? Let's find out!

Many of us believe that clothes should always be washed right after every use for hygienic purposes. Basically, washing clothes can get rid of dirt and bad odor. Little children are not really conscious of dirt and if they are holding something dirty.

Oftentimes, their dirty hands find their way to their uniforms which soil and stain them. Kids at play can also sweat a lot which will cling to their uniforms causing a bad odor.

Consequently, dirt and sweat in clothes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In a Canadian research study at Appleby College, it was found that school uniforms which have not been washed often have more bacteria than those that have been washed regularly.

Bacteria can have useful effects but when it invades the body, it can cause unwanted diseases. Bacteria on the clothing is said to be killed only when the cloth is washed or when it is placed under the heat of the sun.

However, washing your kid’s uniform daily can be costly. Imagine, you will use detergent and water which can be expensive these days. You will also exert energy, whether you will have to hand-wash or machine wash it, not to mention that you need to spend time in washing.

So, if you are not going to wash your kid’s school uniform daily, would it be advantageous to you?

If you wash your kid’s uniforms less often, the fabric will last longer. You will also be able to save on water, electricity and money. You may have noticed that you always have to buy a new set of uniforms for your child at the start of every school year because your kid’s uniform has faded and looks old.

This is because every fabric has a certain lifespan. When clothes are washed often, water tends to break down their fabric easily. But when you wash clothes less often, you will notice that they won’t look faded in a short span of time.

So this means that you can save money from buying new uniforms and from buying laundry products. You won’t also have to use much water and electricity. And you get to save time and energy from doing the laundry.

So, what is your decision? Will you wash your kid’s uniform often or less often now? For mums like me, we just have to determine each situation that comes along our way.

If our kid’s school uniform has dirt and odor then, it is best to wash it. But if it is clean and does have any smell then, it can still be good for another use. In this way, you don’t sacrifice your kid’s health and you also get to save on energy, water and money for your family.

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Karen Mira

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