Which Wallpaper Should I Choose? Picollo House Offers Expert Advice

Which Wallpaper Should I Choose? Picollo House Offers Expert Advice

Should you go with paint? Or wallpaper? Murals or Vinyl? Stickers or cut outs. So many options and just one kid's room to decorate. Picollo House helps you navigate your options

I want to decorate your child’s room, and I am looking for wallpapers. Do you have any recommendations?

There are few good children types of wallpaper available in the market. Vinyl wallpaper is the most commonly used wallpaper. It is easy to clean and remove. Manufacturers have also improved the hanging process by creating pre-pasted wallpaper, it is pre-coated with adhesive, and therefore, many parents are able to D.I.Y.

My top advice is to use stain resistant wallpaper for children’s room. Alternatively, you may consider wall stickers, murals or creative wall painting or even wall art canvases to decorate the wall of your child’s room, depending of course, on your budget.

Choosing wallpaper is very much dependent on the themes and the feel you want to create for your child’s room. Generic wall paper design like lines, dots etc is recommended if you do not want to change it as your child’s get older.

These are some of the common themes recommended:

Boy’s room – themes like nautical, sports, animal jungle, cartoons characters, outer space, traffic / cars, rails, etc.

Girl's room – themes like, fairies, princess, flowers & butterflies, ballerina, etc

Unisex room – Farm, under the sea, bears, beach, garden, etc

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