'Muttons' DJ Vernon A Welcomes 2nd Baby With Wife Jayne Tham

'Muttons' DJ Vernon A Welcomes 2nd Baby With Wife Jayne Tham


Class 95 Radio Jock Vernon A welcomed his second child with influencer wife Jayne Tham. The announcement was made on Vernon’s morning show Mutton’s In The Morning on Monday (23 November).

The post showed a photo of the couple with their newborn child.

Vernon A, Jayne Tham Welcome Baby No. 2

This is Vernon and Jayne’s second son. Their firstborn, Liam, was born in January 2019.

On Monday morning. Jayne posted on Instagram a “last bumpfie” for her pregnancy, which she captioned with: “See you soon, Niall!” the name of their second son.

vernon a jayne tham

In a recent interview with theAsianparent, the couple revealed that the pregnancy was not planned and that they “[did not] expect Jayne to get pregnant”.

Jayne also shared that her pregnancy this time around was “very different.”

“The symptoms all were very different, so much so that I thought we were gonna have a girl,” Jayne shared.

“With Liam, it was generally quite easy. But for this time around, it was quite tough. I had a lot of backaches, which I didn’t experience much with Liam. I also had morning sickness as well,” Jayne revealed.

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vernon a jayne tham

Vernon A, Jayne Tham and son Liam. | Image source: Instagram/Vernon A

Stop at two?

While the couple said they are not one to say never on having another child, when asked if they will be trying for a baby girl after this, Vernon said: “The idea of having a girl is really nice. But I think it’s a family curse. My entire family is made up of all boys. Even my parents wanted a girl and they tried and tried but they ended up with three boys. So I think I can take a cue from that and stop right here because I don’t think a girl is in the cards for us.”

“Never say never but for now, the idea is no, we’re done. Two boys.” Vernon added.

Veron and Jayne got married in 2014 and have been together for two years before that.


Lead image source from Instagram / @jaynetham.


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