Useful tips: How to make a baby's bed

Useful tips: How to make a baby's bed

Follow these simple steps to make a baby's bed and create a safe and comfortable environment for him

Making your baby's bed is one of the most important jobs for new parents. Your little bundle of joy will be spending a lot of time in his bed and that is why it is so critical to maintain a clean, dry and warm bed.

Begin by securing a safe position to place the bed. Ideally it should be closer to your bed since you would be breastfeeding your baby during his initial months. It should also have bars that are 2 inches apart to prevent the baby from feeling caged or to prevent him from sticking his feet out.

Follow this process with a few simple steps to make a baby's bed:

  • Select a quality foam and coir mattress for your baby.
  • Cover it with a rubber or plastic sheet to prevent leaks.
  • Now cover this with a clean and dry cotton sheet.
  • Finally, place your baby on the bed and cover and tuck him with a cotton cloth.

With these simple steps you can make your baby comfortable and safe in his bed.

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