Unique Muslim baby names

Unique Muslim baby names

These are our 12 favourite unique Muslim boy and girl baby names...

Unique Muslim baby names

Here are a list of unique Muslim baby names

Here are our 12 favourite unique Muslim Baby Names:

Male Muslim Baby Names

Aziz – A friend

Ashraf – Benovelent and kind

Hafazhah – Guardian angel

Irfan – Knowledge, Science, Wisdom

Louay – Derived from “Ay” which is the brave strong ox

Rais – Captain

Sami – Eminent

Suhail – Simple

Sher – Lion, Tiger, Brave Man

Taaj – Crown

Yardan – Leader, life source

Zakariya – A Prophet

Female Muslim Baby Names

Amber – Precious

Aiysha – Alive

Ada – Grace

Aleena – Beautiful

Ayra – Noble & Respectful

Iman – Faith, and belief

Leila – Dark-haired beauty

Maya – Beautiful princess

Nadia – Hope

Valiqa – Trustworthy

Xaviera – Bright

Zaira – Rose

Do you agree with our Muslim Baby Name List? What are your favourite names?


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