18 Unique and beautiful celebrity baby names on the rise

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These celebrity parents may be offbeat but they sure are creative and inspiring!

With the release of the official list of popular baby names in the United States, comes a new wave of celebrity baby names!

Apple, Suri, and North had a good run but now these new names are on the rise!

If you’re looking to learn how to find the perfect name for your precious one, let these creative celebrity parents show you how.

Here are some  of the most popular celebrity baby names we absolutely love!


Though Academy award winner Reese Witherspoon chose this name for her daughter back in 1999, the name has been unmoved from the top 10 in over a decade.

It’s remained one of the most popular names in Hollywood, with Hugh Jackman and Jeremy Renner naming their daughters Ava as well.


After Kourtney Kardashian chose this name for her first child in 2009, it has been cemented at the top 3 spot ever since.


This one’s fairly new to the popular baby name game. Though award winning author Harper Lee has made this a go-to choice for book-loving parents, celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris and Victoria Beckham catapulted it into the mainstream.

Victoria cited her love for Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ as her inspiration for naming the youngest of the Beckham brood.

Classic names are also making a comeback! Find out what they are on the next page

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