A gift box of goodies

A gift box of goodies

Make Christmas this year unique for children. Instead of gifting them with toys, gift them with experiences instead. UniqGift is a package of fun,laughter and wholesome entertainment for one to gift kids this Christmas.

A gift box of goodies

A gift box of goodies

I received a gift box the other day from a thoughtful friend.  It was a uniQgift box.  Literally, it was a box filled with 15 goodies for you to choose from!

What is it? You ask.  What are the goodies?  Well, we have trial classes from Little Art Bug, baking workshops from Genius R Us, dance lessons from Jody Marshall Dance, music classes from kindermusik and School of Music Clef, and sports activities from Socatots Singapore, Sky Gym and Om Shiva Yoga Centre.

That’s just to name a few.  For a parent, “The Growing Years” gift box is a godsend as it presents me with 15 different experiences from a multitude of discipline to try with the children!

Be Inspired by The Growing Years

If your child is creative, you can opt for a selection of art, drawing, painting, clay pottery, cooking or baking classes.  For those who are musically inclined, you may be interested in the music and dance classes.  And moms with active kids will thank you for the variety of sport activities like gym, dance, football, tennis or yoga classes.  How about a makeover for your child?

If you are worried about the quality of the services offered by the various suppliers, you can put them to rest.  uniQgift partners with reputable establishments like Creative Culinaire, Jody Marshall Dance, The LPN Art School, JWT Kids Gym, and Willow Stream Spa Tennis Facility Swissotel to ensure quality services.

“The Growing Years” gift box is reasonably priced at S$58.  The activities are available for 1 to 2 kids and sometimes you even have the option to do an activity with your child.

Like A Child In A Candy Store

What to choose?  Which activity should we do?

It was rather like being a child in a candy store.  I couldn’t make up my mind as I thumbed through the 15 delightful choices.  Should we go to the LPN Art School where my child gets to work on an art project (1 hr)?  Or should I let her try her hand at tennis?  You have a choice of 2 Tiny Tots tennis programme sessions (1 hr per session) for 3 to 5 year olds, or two Junior programme sessions (1.5 hr per session) for 5 to 9 year olds.

She likes to bake, so maybe we should book Creative Culinaire.  You have a choice of either a parent-and-child workshop or a family workshop (2 to 3 hours).  Hmm, it’ll be fun for the entire family and she’ll learn hands-on how to bake a pizza and make a lollipop.

Finally, my daughter and I decided on the Jody Marshall Dance certificate, which offers her 4 dance lessons with a choice of dance style (45 mins per lesson).  My 4 year old chose Beginner Tap dance over jazz and ballet.

As Easy As Pie

Claiming the certificate is in the words of my precocious pre-schooler, “easy as pie”.  All you have to do is simply call the service provider, inform them that you are a uniQgift certificate holder and make a booking.  All that’s left is to show up on the day of the booking at the venue stipulated and present your certificate to them.  Easy as pie.

Hannah at Jody Marshall Dance was very helpful when we turned up for our trial class at Suntec City.  She helped us with the registration, and settled my child in her beginner Tap class before assuring me that she’ll look out for her while I do my shopping.  That’s 45-minutes of me-time!  Yippee!

Ask for a uniQgift

Finally, a gift box that is practical, sensible, and functional.  It comes in a beautiful baby blue packaging and is suitable for all occasions, be it birthdays, appreciation gestures, anniversaries or special occasions.

uniQgift boxes offer a wide selection of boxes that include themes such as culinary, wellbeing, multi-themes, and activities.  Each themed booklet comes with pre-selected choices of activities or experiences for you to choose from.  For example, under the activities theme, you can choose the following gift boxes: The Growing Years, Sport & Adventure or Lesson & Workshop.

Purchasing a uniQgift is easy.  Once you are in the website, choose the gift box you wish to purchase, add them to your shopping cart, state your quantity and press cart.  It will direct you to the checkout page.  Once you are satisfied with your purchases, click “Check Out”.  It will direct you to the billing page where you are asked for your billing and shipping details.

uniQgift is available online and also at Harris Bookstore at Great World City.  Prices for each box range from as little as $38 to over $200.

The next time someone asks me what I want, I’m asking for a uniQgift.

For more information, please visit www.uniqgift.com, email:  [email protected] or call hotline +65-6221 6643.

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