The 7 Types of Dads You Can Find in Singapore

The 7 Types of Dads You Can Find in Singapore

Dads are the ones we look up to when when we need support or back-up, and here are 7 types of dads you can find in Singapore

They say that fatherhood changes a man, but to what kind of dad? They either change into the strict "go to bed by 8" dad, the teddy bear dad or the "let's promise not to tell mummy" dad.

Here's our list of the different types of dads in Singapore- which one are you?

#1 The "best friend" dad


He's the one walking the kids to school every day. He'll proudly carry their little backpacks on one hand while holding their hand on the other. He's also the one that does really mischievous but hilarious antics with the little ones whenever mummy is not home!

Oh, let's not forget that he's the type of dad to make promises with the kids to keep things from mummy! For example; "Let's not tell mummy that we almost set the house on fire while trying to cook Maggi mee."

#2 The "I'm going to raise you to be just like me" dad


Who says a 9-year-old is too young to gym?

This dad signs your little ones up for soccer lessons or music lessons as early as 5 years old. Well, just because! It may get too pressurising at some point but we all know he's just really excited at being a dad.

#3 The over-protective dad


How was school today? Did anyone bully you? If there are just tell papa, ok?

This dad is willing to go the extra mile just so his little ones wouldn't experience any form of harm or hardship. You'll often hear things like: "No, don't come home after 7pm, the world is a scary place after the sun sets!" and "who in the right mind thinks that it is ok to have a boyfriend/girlfriend before you graduate?!"

#4 The "all work no play" dad


These are the scary ones, although we all know they mean well. Your child's friends won't even come over because of this dad. Your child won't even dare to talk back to him! Dinner will consist of little or no talk. It's almost as if you're living in a military base! Don't misunderstand, they're lovable, they just show love in a different way!

#5 The stay-at-home dad


The house-husbands! They're usually up before the rest of the family, preparing breakfast and mopping the floors. He'll be the human alarm clock for everyone in the family. He'll also make sure the table is filled with food for all three meals of the day.

You're already at work/school but left something at home? Not to worry, he'll be there in no time.

#6 The "anything for my little one" dad

Does my princess need one more person for her tea party? Sure! Does my son need a goalkeeper for his soccer match? Certainly!

This dad is so selfless, he'll be more than willing to drop everything to make sure everyone in the family is happy. Sometimes, even to the extent of risking his personal time.

#7 The "you've got to be tough" dad

This father will be so tough on his kids, most of the times it'll upset mummy. He means well but he might get a little too carried away at some parts. Take a chill pill daddy, the world isn't that bad.
Daddies, which one of these is you? Share your thoughts with us!

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Written by

Aisyah Amin

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