Two-year-old held responsible for newborn’s death. Shocking!

Two-year-old held responsible for newborn’s death. Shocking!

But why was the toddler held responsible for a newborn's death which happened because of positional asphyxia? Read on to unravel this astonishing mystery.

The Roseman family met with an inconsolable tragedy when their seven-week-old daughter, Grace, got her head stuck over a half-lowered side of her crib. The baby was unable to move or lift her head and died of positional asphyxia at her home in West Sussex.

However, what followed the newborn’s death was not just shocking but merciless. According to the source, the lawyers of the cot manufacturer actually implied that the newborn’s death could have been because of Pearl, the two-year-old sister of Grace. While the managing director of the company later apologised for such an accusation, the father, Gideon Roseman was in no state-of-mind for an apology of any sorts. Also unsettling is the report that the apology was issued to the press and not directly to the Roseman family.

According to this report, the family’s lawyer, Jill Greenfield stated that, “The so-called ‘unreserved apology’ still does not acknowledge that it was the design of its cot that killed Grace Roseman, something that was made very clear in the inquest.”

Mum Esther, who found the lifeless body of her daughter, has apparently urged people to never buy this cot or even use it second-hand. The report also said that the three-day investigation declared that the cot did pose a significant hazard to any child old enough to lift his head.

Of late, there has been an increasing number of cases where babies have accidents and fatalities owing to cribs, playpens and cradles. As long as it’s a small injury, we can still deal with the pain. However, as parents, we’d rather be safe than sorry. According to this report on Webmd, a huge chunk of the injuries in children is courtesy cribs and about 1 child every hour is taken to the emergency room after being hurt around a crib or a bassinet.

Discomforting piece of news, isn’t it? Here are certain factors to look out for while investing in a cot or a crib for your precious bundle:

  • Watch out for loose screws or brackets and joints that are aren’t well-fitted or look like them may come off.
  • Avoid decorative cutouts on the headboard and footboard. They are as dangerous as dangerously gapped slats
  • Avoid cluttering the crib with too many soft toys, pillows and blankets. As the child tosses and turns, there is a high risk of it getting entangled enough for the infant to get asphyxiated.
  • Go for a mattress that fits snugly and remains intact. Check for possibilities of the baby’s head getting stuck in between the matters and the slats.
  • Look out for slats that are placed far-apart. A wider space is enough to allow a baby to slide through and get stuck.

Once the baby is tall enough, you’ll know it’s time for the crib to  go and for him to move on to a bigger, safer bed. As for me, I was always in for co-sleeping with my bub. Just saying!

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Divya Nair

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