Embarrassing 'Trying To Conceive' Sex Questions Answered!

Embarrassing 'Trying To Conceive' Sex Questions Answered!

You have been trying to conceive but things are not working out as you had expected. You have some embarrassing sex questions about the whole conception process... Who do you turn to? We have got you covered!

We answer all your trying to conceive sex FAQs here that you might find too embarrassing to share with your family and friends.

Question #1: How often should I be having sex?

Embarrassing 'Trying To Conceive' Sex Questions Answered!

Sperm is able to survive in the female reproductive tract between 2 to 5 days, so your best bet is to have sex about three times a week.

If you really can’t make time to have regular enjoyable sex, try to have sex every alternate day during the most fertile week of your menstrual cycle. You can choose to use an ovulation detector to aid you in finding out your most fertile period.

However, if you and your spouse are up for more action, do take note not to have sex every day. The sperm supply requires sufficient time to increase, which in turn increases your chances of conception!

Question #2: Does having an orgasm help me get pregnant?

While having an orgasm does not guarantee conception, it certainly increases your chances. When the female orgasm happens with or after the male orgasm, the vaginal spasms help draw the sperm upwards through the cervix and into the uterus to meet the egg. Thereafter, we cross our fingers and hope fertilisation occurs.

On a different note, getting orgasms while trying to make a baby definitely makes the process a lot more enjoyable!

Question #3: Which position should we have sex in?

Embarrassing 'Trying To Conceive' Sex Questions Answered!

The good old missionary is the optimal position to adopt as it allows semen to flow towards the cervix instead of away. You can also tap into Mother Nature’s power of gravity to help the sperm travel more effectively if you tilt your hips slightly upwards immediately after sex.

Question #4: Should I try to stop the sperm from leaking out after sex?

Definitely. If you were to move around immediately after sex – or worse, go wash yourself squeaky clean down there – most of the semen would probably flow out and thus decreasing the possibility of pregnancy.

But of course, we don’t have to go to extremities of turning yourself upside down to ensure all the sperm stays inside.

Question #5: Will contraceptive pills affect my fertility?

Embarrassing 'Trying To Conceive' Sex Questions Answered!

If you’ve had regular periods before starting on birth control pills, you have nothing to worry about at all. The contraceptive effect is completely reversible and your normal cycle should resume within six months from the time you stop.

Question #6: Is there a body type that’s best for conceiving?

We’ve all heard old wives’ tales about how women with wider hips are more fertile, but in reality, your body shape bears no effect on your ability in becoming a mother. Some curvy women could have fertility issues, while some slender thin-hipped get pregnant easily. There is no such thing as a "fertile" body type.

We hope this list of trying to conceive FAQs (the sex edition) gave you some clarity. If you have more questions, feel free to raise them up!

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