Having Trouble Making Your Baby Smile? Here Are Some Sure-fire Tips!

Having Trouble Making Your Baby Smile? Here Are Some Sure-fire Tips!

Most parents know how hard it is to make their babies smile for the camera. But with these tips, we're sure your baby will be smiling in no time!

"My kid doesn't want to smile"

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For a lot of parents, getting their babies to smile is a daunting task. I mean, who hasn't experienced doing all sorts of weird facial expressions and funny sounds in an attempt to get their baby to smile for a photo?

We asked some parents and looked around on the internet for the best tips that you can use to make your baby smile, and here's what we came up with:

1. Cuddle with your baby!

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Babies just love being cuddled! And one of the ways that they show it is by smiling or laughing! Cuddling and kissing your baby on the cheeks, or on the tummy is not only a way of getting a smile from your baby, but it's also great for their development since they will feel more attached to you!

2. Use pets to your advantage!


Kids love pets just as much as you! If you have some pets at home, letting them play with your baby a bit is another good way of making them smile. It also teaches them to care for animals and we're sure that your pets will love playing with your baby too!

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3. Sing to your baby!

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Minoli Almeida, mother of two, and a community manager for Tickled Media, told us that singing to your baby is a good way to make them smile! It's also great for bonding with your child, and it also helps stimulate their hearing!

4. Make funny faces!

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Minoli gave us another great tip, she told us that making funny faces or telling funny stories for older babies are good ways of making them laugh. Though, make sure not to overdo the funny faces, especially when you're outside, since other people might be the ones to start laughing at you!

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5. Peek-a-boo, I see you!

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"I get my son to smile by playing peek-a-boo. It works almost all of the time, but the only problem is that he has to be looking at me when i do it!"

-Marielle, mother of one.

That's right! We even asked a few parents, and we've even tested this on some babies, and it does work! We guarantee that playing peek-a-boo with your baby is sure to make them smile; it's almost magical.

You can try it for yourself, we're sure that your baby won't stop smiling!

6. Make your baby's toys 'talk'!

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Ruby Fernandez, mother of one and Senior Client Support for Tickled Media, shared a fun tip with us. She shared that using your baby's stuffed toys and making them 'talk' is another sure-fire way of making your baby smile. She told us that her daughter Jachne always smiles when she does it!

7. Do anything weird!

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Ruby shares another awesome tip with us, just do anything weird! She said that doing anything weird usually makes kids laugh, so long as they're in a good mood. Though, be prepared for funny looks from people once they see you doing weird things to make your kid laugh!

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