TRENDING: Massive wildfire in Canada engulfs entire city, affects 18,000 residents

TRENDING: Massive wildfire in Canada engulfs entire city, affects 18,000 residents

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Fort McMurray, a city in the province of Alberta in Canada became an inferno as a rapid wildfire swallowed the entire city. About 88,000 people have been affected by the massive wildfire in Canada. They've been evacuated out of the city, passing through a blanket of fire and smoke.

Evacuation centers had been set up in the nearby city of Edmonton as firefighters and authorities tried to contain the wildfire sweeping rapidly throughout the region.

One of the evacuees, Faith Johnston, described the terror they felt as they were forced to leave their home to CNN: "It was the most terrifying feeling looking straight ahead at a wall of flames 10 times higher than us.”

High winds, as well as dry and warm weather contributed to the growth of the fighter, making it difficult for the 250 firefighters on the ground and anti-fire aircrafts to keep up.

A longtime pilot and firefighter told CNN that his neighborhood had gone down in flames.

“The whole subdivision is gone," he shared. "Things are pretty horrible right now. We've been out flying and surveying the damage. As long as we keep the people safe, we can rebuild the houses.”

As of this writing, a state of emergency has been declared in the entire province.

The blaze has so far destroyed 80% of the city’s Beacon Hill Community, reports CNN.

The fire began on Sunday, May 1 and torched 23,710 acres in a matter of three days.

The cause of the wildfire has yet to be determined.

About 1,600 structures have been destroyed by the blaze but thankfully, there have been no reported casualties or injuries.

Watch the full report by CBC below.

Adam Levine posts baby bump selfie: ‘I’m pregnant, too!’

They’re 20 weeks into their pregnancy but singer/songwriter Adam Levine and his wife, supermodel Behati Prinsloo just can’t contain their excitement for the arrival of their firstborn daughter (whose gender Adam revealed during an appearance on The Tonight Show).

“Week 20 and I’m finally popping! #impregnanttoo,” Adam, 37, captioned the photo, joking about undergoing a body transformation alongside his wife, Behati, 26 and showing off his own “bump” to prove it!

The Maroon 5 frontman shared the adorable post with his 6.5 million Instagram followers.


Week 20 and I'm finally popping! #impregnanttoo

A photo posted by Adam Levine (@adamlevine) on

They will be welcoming their baby daughter (who’s practically won the genetic lottery) in September 2016.

Little girl laughs off viral goose attack: ‘It’s so funny!’

By now you’ve probably seen the viral photo that has been circulating—much to the horror of parents worldwide—of a little girl being attacked by a goose.

The photo had been taken while five-year-old Summer Gidden was chasing geese in Houston, Texas with her friends.

It started off innocently enough. But then, she was suddenly chased by one of the geese, swooping up onto her head, grabbing her hair, and knocking her to the ground, giving a whole new meaning to a ‘wild goose chase’.

Her sister, Stevie, tweeted the photos which quickly went viral.

But concerned parents everywhere will be glad to know that the little girl is laughing it off.

"Five minutes after it happened, she was fine. She has a few scratches, but that's all," Stevie told KPRC in Houston.

She further clarified that a concerned neighbor ran to Summer’s rescue immediately after the photos were snapped.

"It's so funny!" the five-year-old told KHOU.

Summer also expressed that she wants to reassure the public that she is okay and is laughing off the entire incident.

So, we can rest easy and know that the carefree little girl will live to chase geese another day.


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