Treatment for baby’s teething pain

Treatment for baby’s teething pain

Try different treatments to see which works best for your baby’s teething pain!

teething pain

Learn the different was to treat teething pain!

Teething is a pain-free and easy-breezy journey – not! Teething involves a lot of discomfort, pain, and drool for your baby. In order to make the entire experience tolerable for you and your baby, it’s ideal to decide on a particular treatment for your baby’s teething pain in advance. It definitely helps give you get a head start.

Here are some methods you can try:

Treatment for baby’s teething pain: Chillin’ chews

Using anything cold is recommended when it comes to soothing teething babies. It helps keep down the swelling of the gums and numbs the pain. As a treatment for baby’s teething pain, babies are encouraged to chew on a chilled teether or teething ring, wooden spoon, and fruit (for older children). Running a chilled washcloth along the baby’s gums also helps relieve the pain.

Important note to parents: Never give anything frozen to teething babies. Extreme cold could damage gums and cause sensitivity and even more pain.

Treatment for baby’s teething pain: Teethers

Teething toys are great helpers in relieving pain. There is a wide variety of teethers available in the market today, so parents should be meticulous in choosing one for their babies.

Pick out a unit that comes with hard and soft surfaces and varying textures. It is not important if the teether is made from plastic, wood or cloth. What’s essential is that it is safe to put in the mouth and doesn’t contain any tiny or removable parts.

Important note to parents: as self-treatment for baby’s teething pain, infants will put anything and everything in their mouths. This isn’t a bad thing as long as the things that the baby is chewing and sucking on are clean and aren’t choking hazards.

teething pain

Always consult a doctor before giving medication.

Treatment for baby’s teething pain: Prescription medicines

Prescription medicine is considered as a common treatment for baby’s teething pain. This medicine could come in the form of ibuprofen or paracetamol. Doctors usually give prescribed pain relievers whenever the baby doesn’t stop fussing and crying.

Important note to parents: Never give pain relievers without the doctor’s orders. Every dosage should be given on time and appropriate for their age.

Treatment for baby’s teething pain: Teething gels

For babies who are seldom comforted by anything, a teething gel makes for a perfect treatment for baby’s teething pain. Teething gels contain mild antiseptic or anaesthetic that is safe for use in children.

Applied using a clean finger, teething gels can numb the gums to make the pain go away. Because of large amounts of drool, constant application of teething gels is needed for it to be effective.

Important note to parents: Teething gels should not be administered without doctor’s orders. Also, pick out gels that do not contain benzocaine as this ingredient can cause serious disorders that can cause chocking or death.

Reminder for parents going through these teething pains 

Since teething remedies are mostly oral consumption or techniques, make sure that teethers are clean, medicines get the green-light from doctors and do follow dosage accurately. Be cautious of what you give them especially when it comes to alternative or homeopathic treatments. Always do research!

Teething is a part and parcel of every baby’s development and your little one will be able to pull through without that many interruptions from you. (It’s mostly their distress that’s causing us stress!)
Be more aware of the process they are going through and comfort them – don’t worry too much. Soon, they’ll be showing cute pearly whites.

In your experience, what is the best treatment for baby’s teething pain? Tell us how the treatment worked for you by leaving a comment below.

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