Transformers: The Ride is coming to Universal Studios Singapore!

Transformers: The Ride is coming to Universal Studios Singapore!

Great news for Singaporean movie fans! Not only do we have the fantastic luck of having our very own world-class theme park on our doorstep; but now we will also have the first ever theme-park ride based on the blockbuster franchise: Transformers!


Check out the latest transformer ride!

Universal Studios Singapore is set to launch a brand new Transformer-themed ride on Dec 3rd this year and if that has not got you excited yet, then get this:

Director and executive producer Michael Bay who also served as the attraction’s creative consultant will be in Singapore to celebrate the world premiere of Transformers: The Ride on Dec 2nd.

“I am very excited about the debut of this attraction at Universal Studios Singapore. Finally, Transformers fans will not only have the chance to watch the Autobots battle the Decepticons on screen; they’ll actually be part of the action,” said Bay.

So are we Michael, so are we.

Transformers: The Ride

The new ride will feature 12 scenes that are blended seamlessly within a hyper-realistic 3D digital imagery. It will also be equipped with amazing special effects as to bring realism to each and every moment spent on the ride.

Universal Studios are certain that riders will be unable to discern illusion from reality as they get taken on this adventure of a lifetime into the make-believe world of the Transformers.

For the ultimate experience, guests will be “enlisted” as NEST recruits and will be “tasked” to help the Autobots protect a remaining shard of the Allspark— which according to Transformers-lore; the energy cube that breaths life into the robots.

As the Decepticons attack the facility to steal the shard, guests will be introduced to a new Autobot — EVAC which was created exclusively for the ride. Riders will then have to climb aboard EVAC for the ride of their lives, zipping through subway tunnels, down city streets and across rooftops, with the Decepticons hot on their heels!


As of now, Universal Studios has not yet release information on age, weight or height restrictions for this ride.

What we do know however is that we should be expecting great things from Transformers: The Ride as it has taken more than four years for it to be created. Four years! Even Universal Studios Singapore has not been around as long!

How cool is that?

For more details, please head on over to Transformers: The Ride official blog as more information will be released in weeks leading to the launch.

But if you can’t…don’t worry about it as we will be keeping tabs and will definitely let you know on whether you and your kids will be able to ride this one together or if they have to…well, sit this one out for a couple of years.

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