A touching love letter to mums with postpartum depression

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If you or someone you know is suffering from postpartum depression, share this letter with them and let them know: "You. Are. Not. Alone."

Moms, you’ve probably come to learn that you’re not alone. At any stage of motherhood, you’ll always have family and friends who’ve got your back! Not only will you have those who are close to you, you’ll also have help from fellow moms.

Maybe it’s empathy that allows fellow moms to communicate and bond with their “mothers-in-arms”, or maybe it’s just the idea of motherly love. In any case, there’s no need to feel liek you’re in this all by your lonesome–ever.

Some mom out there knows exactly what you’re going through and wants to help in any way they can.

Take Janelle Capra, for example. Recently this blogger, Broadcaster, Fundraiser, Mamapreneur Founder/CEO, and proud mother was taking the time to check out Periscope (a live video streaming app that let’s people see through the eyes of others).

It was there that she stumbled upon a fellow mother who was broadcasting a show on the topic of beauty and cosmetics. However, this particular mom was suffering from postpartum depression and in the middle of her broadcast, began to break down and discuss her struggles.

“I connected with her instantly, but I didn’t know why. In the midst of her sharing beauty and business tips, she talked about her very personal struggles with postpartum depression,” writes Capra, an experienced mother, in an article for The Huffington Post. “There it was: My past and present colliding together. I was brought back to a place where I too had been 14 years ago.”

letter to moms with postpartum depression

It was then that Capra was reminded that at every end of the globe, there’s some mom out there going through something. Each and every mom out there may be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re never truly alone.

Using her platform and notoriety, Capra decided to write a heartfelt love letter to help illustrate the fact that no mom should feel alone. Take a look at her poignant letter, and feel free to share it with any moms who are suffering from postpartum depression. It may be just the thing they need to seek the help and care that they deserve.

Check out Capra’s touching love letter (next page) to her fellow moms, and share the message that no mother is ever alone! Click next!

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