Top 5 games to entertain kids on a long car ride

Top 5 games to entertain kids on a long car ride

When you are on a road trip, the journey may be from an hour to 5 or 6 hours long. While adults generally handle such long rides well, kids may get a little restless.

Games for the road

To allay their impatience (“are we there yet?”), prepare some entertainment to keep your kids’ minds away from the travel. Occupy them with fun and refreshing car games along the route, and before they know it, they would have arrived at the destination.

Here’s a list of games you can play while on long car trips.

  1. I Spy Game. This is an all-time favorite. You can buy different versions of I Spy Games from game stores or you can make it yourself. You may prepare pictures of landmarks or cards with names of places you will pass by along the way. At the beginning of your trip, you will have to ask your kids to look at the pictures of landmarks or read the names of places and ask them to spot these as you go along. The one who sees a landmark or a place must ring a bell and yell the landmark or place before anyone does to earn a point. This is a memory game which can be both good for younger or older kids.
  2. Bingo Game. This game can be very entertaining for your children as they get to see many things while on a car ride. You can make Bingo cards or buy Road Bingo cards from stores ahead of time. If you plan to make your own, use cards with 5 by 5 squares. On the squares of each card, instead of numbers paste pictures of objects (for younger kids) or write names of places (for older kids) which your children will have to look for along the way. They will have to mark the objects or places they have seen. Those who have a line Bingo, an all 4-corners, and an X can win a prize but the one who has completely marked his or her card is the winner.
  3. Alphabet Game. As you start the trip, tell your children to look for objects, billboards, road signs, places, or landmarks which start with the letters of the alphabet. Emphasize that the first to mention the word gets a point and no one should repeat the same word. Start off with the letter “A” and proceed to the next letter when a word for that letter has been mentioned. The game will end when a word for the last letter is given or until you have reached your destination.
  4. Rainbow Colours Game. This game is based on the colours of the rainbow. You can start by yelling out a color such as red as the first color. Everyone must mention an object they have seen outside the car with that colour. No one can mention the same thing or object. Each one will count with their fingers for the points they have gotten. Once someone has reached ten points for that colour, you will then proceed to another colour in the rainbow. You may prepare small prizes to give to your kids as they win.
  5. Name that tune. If you are not able to prepare anything ahead of time for that long car ride, then this game can come in very handy. All you need is music on the radio or anyone who knows some songs and can hum the tune of those songs. Or a combination of both can be used. Anyone who can first guess the title of the song and/ or the artist will earn a point. The one with the most number of points upon reaching your destination gets a prize.

Aside from these games, there are many other games you can play especially when you are riding in a spacious car such as the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso. It’s easy for kids to spot things in the scenery outside as the car has a panoramic windscreen and glass roof which gives them unparalleled visibility.

Playing the Bingo Game or other games that require writing or drawing would be very easy and comfortable for the little ones as they can make use of the car’s aircraft-style seat trays fitted behind the first row seats

Actually, you can think of any game which will entertain your kids as you travel a long way. These five games are only some of the most popularly played games.


Share with us the games you play with your children while you are in the car in about 500 – 600 words.  Tell us the mechanics of the game, the outcome of playing games , whether it made the journey easier or faster for you. Please include your contact details at the end of your submission.


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